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A Buyer’s Guide to the Covered Outdoor Patio Fan | Big Ass Fans


When the weather is warm and the days are long, few things feel better than lounging around outside—that is, until the sweltering heat starts creeping in.

Fortunately, you don’t have to dip back inside to escape the humidity. Whether you have a porch, patio, or lakefront lanai, you can still enjoy the comfort of your outdoor living space. Better yet, you’ll enjoy the same airflow as you would if you stayed indoors.

That’s the power of a covered outdoor fan. However, not just any patio fan will do the trick. You want a solution that won’t just keep you cool, but also take your space to a whole new level.

The good news? That’s why we’re here. In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of patio fans and guide you through choosing the perfect one for your outdoor oasis. 

Why have an outdoor fan?

Covered outdoor fans aren’t only aesthetically pleasing, but also highly versatile. You can install them in just about any outdoor space: a screened porch, sunroom, gazebo—you name it. The choice is yours.

Better yet, they can be incredibly useful, especially if they’re equipped with smart technology. More than just a simple, traditional patio fan, a smart outdoor fan comes stocked with cutting-edge capabilities. From remote operation to voice activation and everything in between, there’s no shortage of features that can make your life simpler.

With the right patio fan, you can:

  • Stay cool and comfortable: It seems like every summer we’re setting new record-high temperatures—and as a matter of fact, we are. Luckily, outdoor patio fans are an easy way to maximize air circulation and keep cool on hot summer days.
  • Ward off pests: Don’t let bugs ruin your perfect day. Fans create a powerful breeze, which can keep insects at bay while you’re enjoying your outdoor area.
  • Enhance outdoor lighting: Smart fans are a great option because they normally offer additional lighting for your space. For example, a Big Ass Fan like Haiku® has an optional LED light that you can control conveniently from a mobile device.
  • Entertain guests: If you’re having a summer get-together, it’s likely your guests will congregate on the porch or patio. Having an outdoor patio fan adds both style and functionality to the event, keeping everyone comfortable while contributing to the ambience. With a Big Ass Fan, you can even benefit from SenseME™ technology, which automatically adjusts the temperature by monitoring your environment.
  • Maximize outdoor space: What good is a patio if you aren’t using it? None at all. But, with the help of cooling technology, you can ensure you and the whole family make ample use of your additional space all year round.

What to consider when buying an outdoor fan

Purchasing a covered patio fan is a big decision, and it can be hard if you don’t know what to look for while you’re shopping. So, we’ve assembled everything you need to know in one place—that way, you can get the ball rolling.

Here are some of the most important factors to consider:

Fan type

You might be surprised to learn how many types of outdoor fans there are to choose from. Each one works a little differently, so it’s best to consider their differences.

For starters, you can leverage the overhead convenience of a covered outdoor ceiling fan. Haiku, for example, is perfect for the patio. Sleek style and design aside, it’s also available in multiple diameters—52, 60, and 84 inches—to fit seamlessly into any size outdoor area.

If you’re tight on space, an evaporative cooler is a great option. For instance, Cool-Space® 350 can cool up to 2,300 square feet, so you won’t need multiple fans. Best of all, it can quickly cool outdoor spaces up to 33 °F (18 °C). As another option, directional fans like AirEye® can be wall-mounted multiple ways to meet a variety of airflow needs, even in narrow spaces.


Generally, the bigger the fan, the stronger the breeze. Of course, larger sizes require more room on your porch, so choose a model that makes the most sense for your parameters.

At Big Ass Fans, we offer solutions for every type of outdoor space. Porch, portico, or gazebo—you name it, we have a Big Ass Fan to keep it cool and comfortable. The 52" Haiku is perfect for smaller spaces, but for larger spaces, Essence® is the way to go. With sizes that range from 8 to 14 feet, you can choose the perfect fit for your covered outdoor environment.


The last thing you want is a fan that throws off the look and feel of your living space. Search for one that fits your aesthetic, whether it be tropical decor or a more modern vibe. Big Ass Fans are available in multiple finish options to match your dream outdoor vibe.

Comfort and control

Sometimes, all you need is a light, gentle breeze. Other days call for maximum airflow. Ideally, your covered patio fan’s smart capabilities will allow you to take full control of the cooling experience.

Our wide range of smart fans, such as i6®, enable you to manage everything from fan speed and air circulation to lighting and color temperature. Best of all, you can do so at your convenience using a mobile device, remote control, and more.

Material and safety

Outdoor fans are exposed to the elements, which means they must be built to last. Fortunately, Big Ass Fans are made with premium-quality materials that won’t let you down (but more on that below).

Big Ass Fans with even bigger benefits

It’s your coveted outdoor space—why settle for less? When you have a Big Ass Fan, you don’t have to. Our covered outdoor ceiling fans give you everything you need in one comprehensive device:

Smart features: Whether it be Haiku, i6, or es6®, our models offer unrivaled capability. Manage your fan with the method of your choice and adjust its settings however you like. With smart home integration, you can even control your fan using Google Home or Amazon Alexa—all with the sound of your voice. Best of all, our exclusive SenseME technology uses temperature, motion, and humidity sensors to automatically optimize air circulation for the best possible performance.

Durability: Damp-rated Big Ass Fans are made with stainless steel components that resist corrosion. Moreover, our aircraft-grade aluminum airfoils are IPX5 rated, which means they offer maximum resilience against the elements.

Customization: Choose from a wide range of fan sizes, colors, and mounting configurations to suit your preferences and match your style. Adjust outdoor lighting and color temperature for a complete say over the experience.

Noise reduction: Big Ass Fans run on a patented DC motor, offering whisper-quiet operation while you’re entertaining friends and family.

Safety: With a restrictor ball and optional guy-wires, you can rest assured our fans are built to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Stay cool and comfortable with Big Ass Fans

Purchasing a covered patio fan is perhaps one of the best decisions you can make if you value your time outdoors. The hot summer months aren’t getting any cooler, which means you need every advantage you can get against the heat.

Unfortunately, most fans simply don’t suffice. Your patio deserves better than an ordinary solution–and so do you. Luckily, we’re here to answer the call.

Ready to get started? Explore our range of Big Ass Fans today.

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