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Are Affordable HVLS Fans Worth It?

When people discover HVLS fans, they get excited. The “wow” factor quickly becomes the “now” factor as they get excited about the possibility of installing one in their building. 

As they dig deeper into the buying process, some people become concerned about the cost of the fans, which may be higher than they expected. When their focus turns to more affordable or so-called “budget” HVLS fans, customers often lose sight of the fans’ true benefits—including immediate impact and long-term savings. 

Should you consider buying an affordable HVLS fan? Are they worth it? How can you determine the tangible value of quality versus price? 


What We Mean When We Talk About Affordable HVLS Fans

You may think between $100 and $500 for a ceiling fan makes sense. So it can come as a surprise that the cost of an HVLS warehouse fan is quite a bit higher than that. At Big Ass Fans, the price range for our HVLS fans is roughly $3,000 to $15,000 when accounting for installation and turnkey services. 

As with many bigger-ticket purchases, consumers often look for budget-friendly options in an effort to save money. Yet those short-term savings can easily disappear over the long term when you calculate all the related costs associated with operating and maintaining an investment like an HVLS fan. 

When people talk about “affordable” HVLS fans, they’re usually referring to the lowest price available … which generally leads them down the path to off-brand products … which normally translates to lower quality. 

But does it really matter? 

Being “Affordable” Isn’t Always the Best Option

Paying a lower price upfront for an “affordable” HVLS fan may make sense at the time, especially if you’re operating on a tight budget (And, to be honest, most of us are!). If you’re tempted by the cheaper initial cost, pause to ask yourself a few key questions:

How long should you expect the fan to last? Some fans are built to last only a few years (if that), while others are engineered to last for decades. 

How much support does the company provide after your purchase? Do they offer maintenance and repairs? How much do they charge for their services? 

What kind of warranty does the fan come with? How long is the warranty, and what does it cover? How much are replacement parts? 

How energy efficient is the “affordable” HVLS fan? Do you know how much you’ll pay in electric bills to operate the fan? 

Lastly, and just as importantly, how effective is the fan? Will it provide a consistent and sufficient amount of airflow throughout your space? 

Once you’re able to answer these questions with hard numbers, you’ll be able to understand the actual value of any particular fan—budget-conscious or otherwise. 

Why High Quality Costs More

When it comes to high-performance equipment like premium HVLS fans, the value of their level of quality should not be underestimated. These are machines designed to operate for countless hours on end, and for years to come. 

Quality really matters. Every part of an HVLS fan, from the motor and the materials to the airfoils and safety features, plays a critical role in the overall performance of the fan. High-quality parts—every single one of them—help to optimize the fan’s capabilities. Conversely, lesser-quality parts can diminish a fan’s effectiveness and overall safety of those it serves. 

As far as safety is concerned, there should be no compromise whatsoever. You should never have to worry about your fan breaking down, falling apart, or becoming dislodged. High-quality parts and fully-qualified installation will ensure your fan operates safely. 

Big Ass Fans uses only industrial-grade parts that meet or exceed regulatory standards throughout the world. Our engineers, technicians, and manufacturers take pride in the fact they’re building the best-quality HVLS fans money can buy … and save.

The Benefits of Investing Now to Save Over Time

Investing in a high-quality HVLS fan makes sense for a lot of reasons. 

Save Energy

Many factors go into an HVLS fan’s ability to operate efficiently. By using less energy, your monthly utility bills will be lower, meaning a better bottom line for your company in both the short and long term. 

Save on Maintenance and Repairs

“Affordable” HVLS fans simply aren’t built to last as long as high-quality fans. They may be more prone to breakdowns, both large and small, which will require expensive service, repairs, or even replacement. It’s far better to invest in a fan that will provide amazing results for years to come than to pay slightly less for a fan that needs to be replaced in half the time (or less!). 

Maximize Productivity

An HVLS fan’s performance is the ultimate measure for determining the value of your fan. Since these fans are designed to provide a more comfortable environment for your workers, you should expect your employees’ productivity to remain at top capacity. A substandard fan isn’t nearly as powerful and effective as a high-quality fan, and your team’s productivity levels may be affected. 

How to Calculate the Actual Costs of HVLS Fans

If you’re a numbers whiz, you can grab your pencil and calculator to figure out the exact costs of your fan (including the purchase price, installation, service fees, energy consumption, and other costs). 

Or you can turn to the team at Big Ass Fans to help! Our airflow experts use our proprietary computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software to create a quantifiable simulation of our fans in your warehouse, so you can see exactly what kind of performance to expect from your HVLS fan. 

We’ve helped thousands of customers sort through the numbers to discover why high-quality HVLS fans from Big Ass Fans are worth the investment. Contact our team today to explore which fan is best for you—or, in other words, which fan you can’t afford not to have!




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