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Are Big Warehouse Fans Right for You? What You Need to Know

When warehouse managers talk about big warehouse fans, you hear them use words like “comfort,” “savings,” and “productivity” a lot. These are common themes among companies that use HVLS (high-volume, low-speed) fans in their oversized work areas such as factory floors, warehouses, distribution centers and storage facilities. 

They’re big fans of the big fans. But what do big warehouse fans actually do? Can they really save money? Do they genuinely make employees happier? Are they truly responsible for increased productivity?


How Warehouse Big Fans Work

Ceiling fans are nothing new. But it wasn’t that long ago that virtually all ceiling fans were relatively small and spun at high speeds. The conventional thinking was the faster the better. As long as the fan was circulating air, then the room must be getting cooler. Right?

But, science being science, researchers and engineers started realizing that smaller and faster wasn’t necessarily better, especially in very large spaces. Along came a company in the late 1990s with a bigger (literally) and better idea: high-volume, low-speed fans. 

These fans were huge and were designed to run more slowly. The result was a type of fan that was able to circulate all the air in a big room—a room as big as a warehouse—and drop the perceived temperature significantly. 

They work independently or in harmony with existing HVAC systems to provide a more temperate atmosphere in large workspaces. Big warehouse fans keep people cool in the summer and warmer in the winter, ensuring optimum airflow even in the hottest, most humid environments.

Benefits of BIg Fans for Warehouses

Fast-forward 20-plus years to today when thousands of warehouses have taken advantage of the many benefits of big warehouse fans. Countless measurements have shown increases in comfort levels, healthier air circulation, and—best of all—employee productivity. 

Warehouse cooling fans didn’t just cool off sweltering workplaces, they came with many benefits. 

  • Cost savings. The money companies save can be significant. Businesses using big warehouse fans cut spending on energy (often double-digit percentages). They also see increases in labor productivity because their employees are able to get more work done in a comfortable environment. In warehouses where temperatures can get up to triple digits in the summer, that’s big news. 
  • Energy efficiency. Big warehouse fans take far less energy to operate than air conditioning or heaters while still getting the job done. That’s a huge win for your business and the planet. 
  • Employee comfort. Working in excessive heat or cold can have a drastic impact on a worker’s ability to focus and stay energized. Big warehouse fans reduce the perceived temperature by up to 10 degrees during the hot months, keeping your staff comfortable and productive. Stable, comfortable temperatures can also reduce absenteeism. 
  • Less noise. Big warehouse fans produce hardly any noise, so your employees don’t need to shout over the blowing and roaring to go about their work. Plus, since they revolve at lower speeds, there’s no need to worry about the fans blowing your paperwork or other lightweight objects out of place. 

How to Choose Fans for Big Warehouses

Hardly any two warehouses are exactly alike, so it takes a professional evaluation to determine exactly which big warehouse fan is right for your space. Some variables you may need to consider include:

  • Existing HVAC or other cooling and heating systems. Big warehouse fans can work in conjunction with your current AC units, or, in some cases, replace them altogether. 
  • Room size. The square footage and height of your ceiling have a major impact on what size of fans you might need, as well as how many would be required to sufficiently cool or warm your space. 
  • Geographic location. The needs for a warehouse in Southern Florida are quite different than a warehouse in Toronto. A facility airflow expert will factor in local weather conditions to determine which fans will work best for you. 
  • Type of activity. Does your facility manufacture hot things or use equipment that generates heat? How many employees work in the building, and what kind of work do they do? Do you need a consistent, floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall temperature throughout your warehouse? 
  • Costs. How much can you spend on installing new big warehouse fans, and how much can you save if you do? 

No matter what your needs are, the experts at Big Ass Fans have the knowledge and SpecLab® technology to help you select the perfect big fan solution for your warehouse. 

Big Warehouse Fans

One example of a big warehouse fan is the popular Powerfoil® X. The world’s most popular big warehouse fan, the Powerfoil X gets the job done and saves money even in the harshest of environments. Here are just a few of its distinctive features:

  • The NitroSeal™ Drive gearbox fully sealed drive enclosure resists corrosion and reduces heat buildup for longer life
  • Special Washdown, Harsh Environment, and C1D1 motor options for facilities dealing with food production, sensitive materials, or especially demanding conditions
  • Runs quietly in the background while making a huge difference
  • Functional platform integrates your fan with lights, security cameras, speakers, or other devices
  • Patented mounting system installs to I-beams, bar joists, solid beams, and purlins

Another popular option is the Powerfoil D, a Big Ass fan built specifically for harsh and industrial environments. Extreme conditions like dust, heat, and humidity are no match for this all-weather champion. 

Designed to do the hard work, the Powerfoil D is surprisingly quiet. Its IP66 rating allows it to function indoors or out, and it has the most safety features of any industrial fan:

  • Durable Grade 8 hardware and no critical exposed welds for fail-safe connections
  • Two-set safety cable system made from aircraft-grade galvanized steel
  • Steel retainers and Airfoil Restraint System for robust hub and airfoil security
  • Built-in accelerometer for automatic fan shutdown upon impact or if a shift in building structure is detected
  • Fire suppression system integration for automated safety

Whatever your needs are, there’s a big warehouse fan designed just for you. 

Buy Big Fans for Warehouses from Big Ass Fans

Big Ass Fans is the original HVLS big fan. We’ve got the tools, the tech, and the team to take your warehouse—and your workers—from hot to happy. If you’re looking for a sure-fire way to save your company money, improve your productivity, and take care of your employees, look no further than Big Ass Fans. 




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