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Best Fans for Warehouse

When investing in warehouse fans, it’s important to know what you’re spending your money on. Is it worth it? What exactly are you getting for your money? 

The Problem with Choosing Subpar Warehouse Fans

It can be tempting to spend less money on cheaper fans. After all, a fan is a fan, right? It’s just a motor and a few blades that spin around and blow air. 

Not exactly. One of the main goals of a warehouse fan is to circulate a massive amount of air throughout your building. How certain are you that the air is flowing everywhere it needs to go? Are you sure you’re getting the maximum performance possible?

Another major factor to consider is efficiency. Do you know how much energy a fan uses? One of the biggest potential benefits of warehouse fans is that they consume far less energy than air-conditioning—potentially more than 100 times less energy. Like any other electronic device, fans aren’t all equally efficient. Some fans, in fact, use ten times more energy than other fans.

Other criteria that determine the value of a fan include safety features, compatibility with existing systems, the quality of parts used in their construction, expected life span, maintenance and repair costs, and, of course, warranties. Subpar fans frequently fall short in many, or even all, of these criteria.


What You Get with the Best Fans for Warehouses

Buying and installing warehouse fans is considered a worthwhile investment because of how the fans can affect your bottom line. 

When the fans are doing their primary job—keeping your employees comfortable—your workers are able to be more productive. And when your staff is more productive, your business reaps the benefits of better margins and higher profitability. 

With Big Ass Fans—the best fans you can buy—there’s no question about whether they’re getting the job done. The airflow experts at Big Ass Fans use SpecLab®—a proprietary computational fluid dynamics software that creates a measurable, visual representation of how our fans will circulate air in your warehouse. You can see for yourself quantifiable evidence of the impact the fans will have. 

Buyer’s remorse is something our customers just don’t experience. 

In addition to their primary function of creating optimal airflow, the best fans for warehouses also provide a variety of other features and options that give you a long list of practical benefits. Big Ass Fans is committed to building our fans to the highest standards possible, establishing the industry standards for safety, efficiency, compatibility, longevity, and, best of all, performance. 

Big Ass Fans' customers can be 100% confident they’re getting the absolute best value for their money. 

Highly Recommended Warehouse Fans

Perhaps the best place to start your search for the best warehouse fans is by taking a close look at one of these three premium options:

Powerfoil® X4

Our engineers have outdone themselves by recently upgrading what was already the world’s best ceiling fan for warehouses. With diameter sizes ranging from 12 feet to 30 feet (3.6 to 9.1 meters), The Powerfoil X is not only the biggest warehouse fan but also the best selling, designed for maximum airflow in the harshest conditions. 

Powerfoil® D

If you’re searching for the best in high-tech options and compatibility, the Powerful D is a technological dream. Its Neodymium magnet motor is powerful yet silent, and its industrial-grade parts guarantee a lifetime of comfort in even the hottest and dustiest warehouses. 

Basic 6® 

For the budget-conscious consumer, you can still get impressive airflow without breaking the bank. You can still take advantage of the impressive airflow of the Basic 6 without all the upgrades. Even at a lower price, this fan still outperforms similar-sized fans with reliable efficiency, safety, and longevity. 

Request a Quote for Fans for Your Warehouse

The next step in discovering what the world’s best warehouse fans can do for you is to get a quote from our team of experts. We can perform a SpecLab analysis of your building and provide you with an accurate projection of the kinds of results you can expect. And we guarantee those results will provide the effectiveness and efficiency you’d expect from the world’s best. 


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