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Top 10 Fans for Warehouses

If you’re shopping for warehouse fans, there are a variety of variables and options to consider when deciding which fan is right for you. Size, style, customization, cost, durability, safety, noise, and compatibility can all factor into one’s purchasing decision. 

But two criteria stand out above all the others as the most important benchmarks for choosing the best fan: effectiveness and energy efficiency.

In other words: How effective is the fan at making people feel cooler? And how much money and energy will the fan save me? 


What Makes Warehouse Fans the Best

This is what separates the best from the rest. The whole point of installing a warehouse fan is to keep the environment comfortable for the people inside. If it’s not making your employees feel cooler in the hot months and warmer in the cold months, it’s not one of the best. 

Effectiveness is essential because if your workers aren’t comfortable enough to be productive in their jobs, you’re losing money. 

Energy efficiency is critical, too, because it affects the cost of running a warehouse fan. A fan may excel at circulating air, but can simultaneously run up your energy bills. 

What makes warehouse fans the best comes down to two questions: Does it get the job done? Does it save me money? 

The Best Fans for Warehouse from Big Ass Fans

Big Ass fans set the highest standard for both criteria—efficiency and performance. And that’s not just sales talk; we’ve got the science and the customer reviews to back it up. 

Now all you have to decide is which Big Ass fan is the best solution for your warehouse. Here’s an overview of your choices: 

Powerfoil® X

The Powerfoil X is the best-selling warehouse fan in the world. We build each one by hand, using only the highest quality, industrial-grade parts. The Powerfoil X maximizes air circulation in any warehouse conditions—even the hottest and grittiest. It’s both powerful and quiet, and no overhead fan is more effective at making people feel cooler. 

Powerfoil® D

If high-tech and high-performance are what you’re looking for, the Powerfoil D may be the best warehouse fan for you. Its IP66 rating makes it perfect for harsh environments such as extreme heat, dust, and humidity. It comes with the most redundant safety features of any big warehouse fan. And its upgradable features like wall-mounted controls and compatibility with fire suppression systems make it one of the best warehouse fans in the world.

Powerfoil® 8

Many warehouses require fans that are durable and dependable, and the Powerfoil 8 is the workhorse they’re looking for. It’s the definition of industrial strength, using only the highest grade parts such as the motor, gearbox, and oversized hub system. This fan is perfect for warehouses with airflow obstacles, and its airfoil tips even eliminate turbulence to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

Basic 6®

You can still have one of the best big warehouse fans and stick to a budget. With the Basic 6, you can forego many of the optional or high-tech features while still enjoying the full benefits of optimal airflow. It also comes with a 7-year mechanical warranty, making it a safe investment for your industrial facility. 


Many warehouses require a flexible yet controllable solution for keeping workers feeling cool. Industrial-grade barrel fans like the Sidekick may be exactly what these buildings need. You can roll it out of the box upon delivery, plug it in, and put it to work. Its adjustable speed and quiet motor put you in control of your airflow and do it efficiently. 


Need highly targeted airflow in your warehouse space? Directional fans like the AirEye can be mounted anywhere you need better circulation. It comes in a variety of sizes with panel controls and optional motion sensors to ensure your airflow solution is a smart one. 


The 8-foot-tall AirGo mobile fan blows away the competition—not just with its size, but with its amazingly efficient airflow technology. Roll it anywhere you need huge amounts of air circulation indoors or outdoors, in factory floors, warehouses, distribution centers, hangars, and workshops.

Black Jack®

Here’s another mobile fan that can be moved just about anywhere, including through narrow doorways and aisles. Crowded spaces are no match for the Black Jack, which is tougher than any mobile fan on the market. You can even use low-pressure water jets to keep it clean. 

Yellow Jacket®

There’s tough, and then there’s the Yellow Jacket. You won’t find a more sturdy, durable directional fan anywhere in the world. Its industrial-grade steel frame and high-density polyethylene housing make it virtually indestructible. It’s also mountable, has 360-degree rotation, and comes with an optional oscillation kit. 


The Pivot directional fan is as flexible as a fan can be. It’s big—6.35-feet across—and offers more than 1,000 operational positions and a limitless number of speeds. It’s so powerful it can target airflow more than 120 feet away. 

Why Choose Big Ass Fans

No matter what your warehouse cooling needs are, Big Ass Fans has a solution that’s both effective and energy efficient. They’re the best fans for warehouses that money can buy (and save!). 

But you don’t have to make your decision alone. Our team of airflow experts can help you see exactly how effective and efficient your warehouse fan solution will be with their industry-leading Speclab® software. Give them a call to set up your free airflow analysis.



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