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Best Warehouse Fans

If you’ve heard about all the amazing benefits that big warehouse fans can offer, then you’re probably already wondering how to go about choosing which one is the best for you. Assuming you’re not an engineer with decades of airflow experience and technical expertise, how do you know which fan is the best? 

A better question to ask is: What are the qualities that would qualify a warehouse fan to be the “best”? 

There are many factors to consider when deciding which warehouse fan will work best in your space. Here are seven “how” questions to ask when weighing your options: 

How well does the best warehouse fan work?

This is the most basic question to ask, and it’s a good place to start. The most helpful place to find the answers is talking to the people who manufacture the fans. 

And if they can give you answers to the questions below, you’ll be much closer to finding the best warehouse fan. Company sales reps can also provide very useful information based on your needs, budget and specific use case or application.


How efficient is the best warehouse fan?

In other words, how much energy does it use and save? Since every warehouse or factory floor is different, the only way to answer this question is by having a qualified and equipped professional analyze your space for you. 

With the right tools and knowledge, they’ll be able to measure airflow in your space and assess your needs and challenges for making the people in your warehouse feel cooler. They’ll use those results, along with hard data regarding your energy consumption and anticipated usage, to determine what your projected costs are going to be. 

It’s all math, so the results you get should be fairly comparable to the numbers you get from different vendors. The bare facts will help you make a decision. 

Big Ass Fans provides a 3D image of the airflow in your space using their patented SpecLab® technology. It gives you an accurate picture of the efficiency of your current circulation so you’ll be able to make an educated decision. Any fan vendor that isn’t able to provide hard numbers for an airflow analysis may not be the most reliable source. 

How much does the best warehouse fan really cost?

Many potential buyers look only at the price tag on a fan to help decide whether or not it’s the “best.” But the value of a warehouse fan isn’t just about the price. 

Other factors help determine the actual cost of a warehouse fan, including energy savings, the quality of its performance, the potential increase in productivity & profits, and the fan’s longevity. 

Any downtime is likely to cost you money, making service another important component of the value of a fan. Does the manufacturer offer a warranty? For how long? Do they offer regular maintenance plans and quick repairs? 

Even something as simple as the time you might spend worrying about your fan can be another factor in how much a fan will cost you in the long run. Peace of mind—and your time—can be worth a lot over time. 

How long should the best warehouse fan last?

A fan that works for decades is going to be far less costly than one that needs to be replaced or repaired in five years. The best warehouse fan is a workhorse that gets the job done year after year after year. 

Big Ass Fans offers warranties up to 15 years for mechanical parts. When it comes to calculating the “best,” that’s an important number to keep in mind. 

How well should the best warehouse fan integrate into my existing setup?

A fan that doesn’t play well with your HVAC or building layout is no one’s best warehouse fan. While many fans work well on their own, sometimes the best solution for keeping a warehouse feeling temperate is for fans to work in cooperation with air conditioning, swamp coolers, or other parts of your total cooling system. 

Only the best fan manufacturers provide a total solution for their customers, which can often require precise integration. They’re not merely fan manufacturers; they’re air circulation experts who understand all the variables that can affect a warehouse’s airflow. 

How noisy is the best warehouse fan?

Some off brand fans can get very loud, which can negatively affect working conditions for your employees. Creating better airflow to keep employees cool is helpful, but if the sound is too loud for your workers then it might actually be counterproductive. 

Thankfully, there are some warehouse fans that operate virtually silently, such as the Powerfoil® X, which is the top-selling industrial ceiling fan in the world. Whenever considering which warehouse fan is the best for you, keep its noise level in mind. 

How good does the best warehouse fan look?

Beauty may not be the highest factor on everyone’s list of needs for a warehouse fan, but it’s reasonable to expect the world’s best warehouse fan should be nothing short of eye candy. 

Big fans capture attention, and many warehouse-type facilities are often visible to visitors, vendors, and other VIPs. When you can point to the ceiling and say, “That’s the world’s best ceiling fan,” you’re bound to raise more than a few eyebrows. 

Which warehouse fan is best for you?

At the end of the day, determining which warehouse fan is the “best” versus which fan is best for you might be two different things. Your facility may not need the world’s premier, number-one, best-selling HVLS fan. But you do deserve the best fan you can get. Your company’s productivity, your employees’ wellness, and your bottom line are all important aspects of determining which fan can be considered the best. 

Start your quest for the best by getting a free airflow analysis from the experts at Big Ass Fans. 




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