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Big Ceiling Fans for Warehouses

When it comes to ceiling fans in warehouses, size really does matter. So do placement, speed, efficiency, and a long list of other variables. How do you know just how big your warehouse ceiling fan needs to be? And is there such a thing as too big? 

Big Ass Fans has answers. 

We’re the world’s leading manufacturer of big warehouse fans, and we also invented them. So if you want the best information about big ceiling fans, you’re in the right place. BAF_Blog_Buttons_ContactUs (1)

The Benefits of Warehouse Ceiling Fans

Not all fans are created equal. The average ceiling fan you might have in your bedroom is perfect for a small room. You can feel the breeze as it cools you off. It can even make a room warmer in the winter by forcing hot air downward. 

But when it comes to combating the heat in a huge space like a warehouse, small ceiling fans just aren’t able to get the job done. No matter how fast they spin, they’re just not able to circulate air well and cool down your employees. 

Big fans work differently than small fans because, well, they’re bigger. Their long airfoils are powerful enough to move large amounts of air through a warehouse. Even though they rotate at a slower speed, warehouse cooling fans are much more effective at airflow. 

The result? Your hot and sweaty workers are happier because the breeze flows across their skin, making them feel cooler. And making them more productive. 

The best part is that warehouse fans are energy efficient, reducing energy bills dramatically. That makes big ceiling fans far more economical than air conditioning or other cooling systems. 

How Big Are Big Warehouse Ceiling Fans

When we say big, we mean BIG. The best cooling fans for warehouses can reach up to 30-feet (9.1 meters) in diameter. Everything about them is large: the Neodymium magnet motor, the gearbox, the mounting system, and the extensive safety features. And the results are even bigger. 

Big Ass Fans offers a variety of widths to meet the needs of any sized warehouse space, factory floor, distribution center, or other huge building. Our warehouse cooling fans range in diameter from 8-feet to 30-feet. 

We got our company name from the reaction people often have when they first see one of our warehouse ceiling fans. “Now, that’s a big ass fan!” 

Our Most Popular Big Warehouse Fans

How do you know which is the best cooling fan for your warehouse? Fortunately, you don’t have to guess. 

The airflow experts at Big Ass Fans use a groundbreaking 3D analysis system called SpecLab® to give you an accurate, visual representation of the circulation in your building. We use the information from that analysis, along with other specifications of your space, to help you determine the most effective big ceiling fan to meet your needs. 

You can choose from a variety of fans with practical options and upgrades to get the exact airflow solution you need. 

Our flagship fan, the Powerfoil® X, is the world’s best-selling overhead warehouse fan and the industry standard. 

The Powerfoil® D is the premium big fan with a direct drive motor that’s as quiet as it is powerful. 

And if you’re on a more limited budget, the Basic 6® may be your best choice, giving you the same cooling benefits and energy savings. 

How to Buy Big Ceiling Fans for Warehouses

The best way to see if a big ceiling fan is right for you is to start right here. When you talk with one of our airflow specialists, they’ll work with you to find the ideal solution to cool your most valuable asset—your employees. 

With Big Ass Fans, you can be cool and feel cool. 

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