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Big Fans for Warehouse

Finding new employees to work in your warehouse can be a formidable challenge these days. But keeping employees on the payroll can be an even bigger problem, especially if those workers are unhappy. 

One of the most often cited reasons workers give for their unhappiness is uncomfortable work conditions. When a warehouse gets too hot, too cold, too humid, or too stuffy, productivity can drop significantly.

While many of the reasons for staff dissatisfaction may be beyond your control, you do have power over the atmosphere in your warehouse. When it comes to keeping your team comfortable and productive, you have viable options.


Why You Need Big Fans for a Warehouse

When the weather turns hot, it heats up the inside of the warehouse. But without adequate ventilation or air circulation, the stifling heat doesn’t change, and your workers remain miserable. And in those sizzling conditions, productivity almost always falls. 

Unless you have a huge budget, installing and running air-conditioning in a warehouse is too pricey for most businesses. So the best option is to install a large warehouse fan

Big fans for warehouses provide a more affordable option for keeping your employees comfortable enough to continue working. An investment in large overhead fans can actually save you money by keeping productivity levels up to where they should be. 

How Do the Big Fans Work

Circulating air, rather than cooling the air, is the main job of a big fan. Also known as HVLS (or high-volume/low-speed) fans, big fans for warehouses circulate massive volumes of air throughout the warehouse, providing relief through a process called evaporative cooling. 

As the air from the fan flows across your employees’ skin, it causes them to feel cooler even though the internal temperature is still high. Well-circulated air can provide an even more tolerable environment than cold air, and big fans are far more economical to operate than AC.

Types of Big Fans for Warehouses from Big Ass Fans

Creating healthy airflow in your warehouse is a bit more complex than simply installing any old ceiling fan in the middle of the room. Every large room or industrial facility is different, so an expert analysis of your space is needed to gauge which types of fans—and how many—it will take to achieve a sufficient amount of airflow. 

When choosing the type of big fan for your warehouse, you need to consider several factors, including room size, ceiling height, obstacles inside (such as shelves or machinery), the number of workers, windows and doors, and existing HVAC or other cooling equipment. 

In most cases, big ceiling fans are powerful enough to provide the airflow needed to keep warehouse employees comfortable. The Powerfoil® X4, for example, is the industry’s gold standard for big ceiling fans. It’s the biggest, strongest, most powerful Big Ass fan you can buy, reaching up to 30 feet in diameter. 

In cases where your warehouse doesn’t have enough wide-open space for a ceiling fan to circulate air, powerful mobile fans may be the answer. The Airgo®, for example, is an 8-foot-tall fan on wheels that provides the same type of HVLS airflow but can be positioned in places that a big ceiling fan may not be able to reach. 

Find the Perfect Big Fan for Your Warehouse

Big Ass Fans can help you figure out which fan will keep your employees feeling cool and comfortable with our proprietary SpecLab® software. It uses computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to analyze the space in your warehouse and provide a measurable projection of how the fan will improve airflow. 

Don’t waste another moment wondering if your team is comfortable enough to do their jobs. Keep them happy and productive with a Big Ass Fan. Get your free quote today.



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