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Big Fans for Warehouse

The first thing people notice about big warehouse fans is, well, how big they are. Compared to fans you’d find in your home, they’re downright gigantic. Why are warehouse fans so large? Does size really matter? 

When you understand just how warehouse fans work, you’ll realize that size—and a few other factors—can make an enormous difference.  

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Why a Warehouse Needs Big Fans

Why do warehouses have big fans? The short answer is that air-conditioning is ridiculously expensive—especially for a massive space like a warehouse. When warehouses get hot, the employees inside get hot, too. Their body temps rise, their bodies sweat, and their productivity drops. 

And low productivity and unhappy workers are bad for business. 

But most companies don’t install A/C in their warehouses because the cost is so high. That’s where big fans come in. Because of their immense size, big warehouse fans are able to circulate huge amounts of air throughout the building, bringing breezy relief to the hard-working employees. 

How Big Do Warehouse Fans Need to Be?

Small fans—like the kind in your garage or your bedroom—aren’t strong enough to make much of a dent in a stifling, stuffy warehouse. In order to create enough pressure to force air down to the floor, a fan needs to be BIG. 

The extra-long airfoils, powered by an industrial-grade motor, are able to push air upwards of 100 feet (more than 30 meters) in all directions. The breeze flows across the sweaty skin of the workers below, causing an effect called “evaporative cooling,” which makes people feel cooler even when the temperatures are still high. 

The size of the fan your warehouse needs depends on a variety of factors including the size of the room, the ceiling height, the number of windows and doors, barriers and equipment inside the building, and other measurable details. Larger warehouses may need multiple big fans to provide enough air circulation for the entire building. 

What Sizes Does Big Ass Fans Offer?

Big Ass Fans—the industry leader for big fans for warehouses—offers a range of types and sizes of fans. Their most popular product, the Powerfoil® X4, is available in sizes ranging from 12 feet in diameter to 30 feet. That’s as wide as parking two cars end to end. 

Other Big Ass fans, such as the Powerfoil® D and the Powerfoil® 8, are available in sizes from 8 feet to 24 feet wide. 

So how big of a fan does your warehouse need? Fortunately, you don’t have to guess. The airflow experts at Big Ass Fans use computational fluid dynamics and precise measurements of your building to create a quantifiable demonstration of how a particular fan will perform for you. With scientific data in hand, you’ll know exactly which big fan will bring relief to your overheated warehouse workers. 

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Getting a quote from Big Ass Fans is free and easy. We provide a number of resources to help our customers make smart decisions about big fans for their warehouses. Contact us right now for more information. 

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