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Builders for Warehouse Industrial Fans

As with any product, quality matters. And quality is determined by the manufacturer,—the engineers who designed it, the excellence of the parts they use to build it, the standards used to install it properly, and the level of service and support offered during the life of the fan.

When it comes to choosing the maker of your next fan, there are several factors to keep in mind. Let’s take a closer look at what sets Big Ass Fans apart from any other builder of warehouse industrial fans. 


Big Ass Fans’ Warehouse Industrial Fan Builders

Being the industry leader is the result of a standard of excellence. We’ve been perfecting big HVLS (high-volume, low-speed) fans for more than 20 years, and our engineers continue to develop innovative ways to make them even better. 

Big Ass Fans is the world leader in building the most efficient, most effective warehouse fans available. That’s because we deliver the highest quality and provide the highest value you can get. 

Cost plays a significant role in deciding which manufacturer to choose for your warehouse industrial fan. But cost involves far more than the fan’s price tag. 

Savings over time is what really determines the true value of a warehouse industrial fan. Here are a few key questions to ask when adding up a fan’s total worth:

  • Exactly how much improved airflow does the fan provide your warehouse? And can the manufacturer measure it for you? 
  • How much lower will your energy bills be? In other words, how efficient is the fan? 
  • How much more productive will your employees be (because your fan is doing its job to keep them comfortable)? 
  • How well can the fan integrate into your current system? Can it operate seamlessly with fire suppression, security, and safety networks?
  • How many years will the fan last? Can you expect a good five years out of a fan … or 25? 
  • How long is the warranty? The longer the better. 

As the world’s leading builder of warehouse ceiling fans, Big Ass Fans gives you the advantage in every one of those categories. Here’s how:

  • Effectiveness. Big Ass Fans’ proprietary Speclab® computational fluid dynamics software analyzes the airflow in your warehouse and shows you the quantifiable benefits of the fans in your facility. 
  • Efficiency. Big Ass fans are the most energy-efficient warehouse fans in the industry because of our award-winning engineering, proven through our industry-leading testing standards. 
  • Productivity. Big Ass Fans builds every fan to be the most effective at optimum airflow in any warehouse facility, making certain your employees are as comfortable—and productive—as possible.
  • Integration. Big Ass Fans offers a host of options to enable seamless integration with existing HVAC, fire suppression, and security systems. 
  • Longevity. Big Ass Fans uses only industrial-grade parts—including a NitroSeal™ gearbox and Neodymium magnet motor—to ensure the longest life possible for your fan. 
  • Service. Big Ass Fans’ annual Preventive Maintenance program gives you an extensive list of professional services to make sure your fans run optimally year after year. 
  • Warranty. Big Ass Fans provides a 15-year warranty on our top-of-the-line fans. 

Work with Our Warehouse Fan Builders

How can you choose which builder to use for your warehouse cooling fans? It makes the most sense to start with the best. 

Contact the airflow experts at Big Ass Fans to get a free airflow analysis of your warehouse and discover just how much a big warehouse industrial fan can improve your comfort and productivity. 



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