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Builders of Warehouse Ceiling Fans

It all started with a simple question: Can ceiling fans do more? 

Which led to other questions. What would it take for a ceiling fan to cool people in a huge building such as a warehouse? What if ceiling fans were bigger? What if we could engineer warehouse ceiling fans to circulate all the air in a giant space? How much money could a company save with this new kind of warehouse ceiling fan? 

Those questions led to answers. BIG answers with even bigger solutions … and the biggest fans anyone had ever seen. 


About Our Builders for Warehouse Ceiling Fans

All that big thinking is how Big Ass Fans got its start. With our creative and highly skilled team of engineers, technicians, and designers, we’ve been able to completely change the way companies think about creating a better working environment for their employees—and doing it more efficiently than anyone thought was possible. 

There was only one way that idea could become a reality: building the warehouse fans from scratch. 

When it came to building fans, our team reinvented just about everything from the parts to the process. We manufacture Big Ass fans right here in the U.S.A., using our own patented components, technology, and specially trained professionals. 

Big Ass Fans controls every aspect of our manufacturing process. Along the way, we’ve established the industry standards for what a warehouse ceiling fan is capable of accomplishing. 

Why Choose Our Warehouse Ceiling Fan Builders

Because of their size, HVLS (high-volume, low-speed) fans require the most solid, reliable parts to make sure they run smoothly and efficiently for years to come. Those parts must then be assembled precisely and then tested and inspected thoroughly. 

The goals of any warehouse ceiling fan should be to save energy and supply comfort. That only happens when the fan operates as designed. Their precise, aerodynamic design—along with their efficient, relatively low-horsepower drive units—produce amazingly effective airflow through large areas. 

Our tailored technology makes a huge difference, too. We never use off-the-shelf parts. Instead, our team designs our own critical components such as the drives and gearboxes. Only then can we guarantee that our warehouse ceiling fans exceed the capabilities of contractor-grade machines.

We build our Big Ass fans to be the safest in the world. The rotating assembly is built with our patented Airfoil Restraint system, which is just one of eight redundant safety features in the fans’ moving parts. 

They’re a true work of art, as well as a testament to the innovation and science behind their effective operation. 

The innovation and improvement process never ends. The engineering team at Big Ass Fans works in a continuous loop of research and development, finding newer and better ways to ensure the safety, function, and effectiveness of our HVLS fans. 

What to Expect When Buying Warehouse Ceiling Fans from Our Builders

Building our fans according to the highest standards is only part of the story. 

HVLS fans must be installed properly in order for them to perform their magic. Big Ass Fans trains and certifies every technician we use to ensure that every fan we install is as efficient, safe, solid, and silent as it can be. 

Because every space is different, we take advantage of our SpecLab™ tool to give customers a unique 3D airflow analysis of their facility. We’re able to take into account their building layout, equipment, obstructions, and other factors to determine the best way to circulate air through their warehouse. 

What can a warehouse ceiling fan do for your company? Increased efficiency and productivity are just a fan away. 



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