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Ceiling Fans for a Warehouse

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could control the wind? With a wave of your hand, you could make the wind blow faster or slower, pushing it in any direction you choose. You’d be the Boss of the Breeze, bringing relief to hot and sweaty people everywhere.

In reality, you can do exactly that. If you have a warehouse or industrial facility where your workers are melting under unbearably hot and humid conditions, you can bring the power of breeze-blowing relief to your employees with big ceiling fans for warehouses.

What can a ceiling fan actually do? Does it really work? How can it help my business? 


Ceiling Fans for a Warehouse

When a warehouse gets hot, everyone inside starts to slow down—literally. Workers’ body temperatures increase, they sweat, and their ability to work diminishes. And for businesses that means lost productivity and lost profits. 

Everyone knows air-conditioning can cool the room down, but everyone also knows installing and operating AC in a warehouse is ridiculously expensive. That’s when ceiling fans for warehouses become a much better solution; they’re super effective and highly energy efficient. 

But ceiling fans don’t actually make the room itself cooler. Instead of dropping the temperature, fans circulate air. The resulting breeze flows across the sweaty skin, creating an effect called evaporative cooling. The outcome is more comfortable, more productive employees. 

The Advantages of Ceiling Fans for a Warehouse

The cost savings are easily the most significant advantage of using warehouse fans. While air-conditioning can cost multiple six figures and up just to install (plus potentially tens of thousands per month to run), ceiling fans cost a fraction of that. 

When you invest in a premium quality brand like Big Ass Fans, you can take advantage of what the finest engineering, craftsmanship, and performance have to offer. They run more quietly (some virtually silently), they use less energy to operate, and they’re capable of circulating massive volumes of air. 

Ceiling fans do what an ocean breeze does on a hot day at the beach: make you feel cooler, even though the temperature is still high. When your workers feel cooler in your warehouse, they’re better able to focus on their jobs and not become easily fatigued. 

The World’s Best Ceiling Fans for a Warehouse

Clearly, ceiling fans are an effective and efficient solution for dealing with overheated warehouses. But, as you would expect with just about any kind of product, quality can vary greatly. 

The best ceiling fans—the ones worth your investment—come with features and benefits that outperform cheaper brands. Big Ass Fans, for example, provides lengthy warranties (up to 15 years), annual maintenance, industrial-grade parts, and seamless integration with existing HVAC, fire, and security systems. 

Best of all, Big Ass Fans makes it easy to choose the right fans for your warehouse. Our SWAT program provides a free on-site visit from one of our airflow experts, a customized airflow recommendation using our SpecLab® software, and a detailed overview of your fan options. 

Find out just how much a ceiling fan can improve the atmosphere in your warehouse and keep your team happy. Contact an airflow expert at Big Ass Fans today. 


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