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Choosing the Best HVLS Fans

When you invest in an HVLS warehouse fan, you’re giving your company an upgrade. Your employees will be more comfortable, happier, and more productive. And you’ll be creating a healthier environment for your team while saving energy.

With so many HVLS fans on the market, how do you know which one will be most effective? How can you tell which ones will provide outstanding performance while also operating efficiently and quietly? 

There are a few factors to keep in mind when shopping for the best HVLS fans. Read on to discover which fans are the best … as well as which is the best for you.


What to Look for in the Best HVLS Fans

Most HVLS fan manufacturers make similar claims. They all tend to talk about improved comfort, energy efficiency, and industrial-grade parts. But not all high-volume, low-speed fans are alike. In fact, their construction, design, and performance can vary significantly.

Here are the most important qualities to consider when choosing the best HVLS fan.


How well will the fan circulate air around your building? While you can count on virtually every HVLS fan to move large volumes of air, they don’t all perform exactly the same. The best way to find out is to have the manufacturer demonstrate the fan’s performance specifically for your building. Big Ass Fans provides accurate, measurable computer simulations.


How much energy does the fan use? The motors, airfoils, and other parts can vary as much as the fans themselves, and they all contribute to a fan’s ability to use less electricity. It’s difficult to say exactly how much energy a fan will use since so many variables can affect it. But the best HVLS fan manufacturers can provide details and calculations to help you get an accurate estimate. 


The sound an HVLS fan makes is a common consideration for many buyers who want the benefits of the fan without any disruptions, including noise. Sound output varies widely from fan to fan, and some companies provide decibel measurements for each fan. Direct drive motors tend to be quieter than standard motors with gearboxes. 


Many HVLS fans come with upgradable options such as remote controls, security system integration, air purification equipment, BMS integration, and even colors.

Technology Features

The amount of computer technology an HVLS fan uses can vary widely from fan to fan and brand to brand. The best HVLS fans use high tech for efficiency control, timing, security, monitoring, and integration with other systems such as HVAC and fire suppression. 

What to Know About Your Space Before Buying an HVLS Fan

When you connect with a salesperson from an HVLS fan manufacturer, you’ll need to be able to provide specific details about your building. 


The first thing is dimensions. You’ll need to have the measurements of your space—ceiling height, width, and length of the space, as well as the interior layout of the building. Include accurate dimensions for things like industrial shelving, machinery, or other objects that may affect the ability of air to move freely throughout your space. 

The airflow expert you work with may also need to know about existing systems in your building that may need to integrate with—or at least provide adequate room for—HVLS fans. HVAC, security, and fire suppression systems are common variables for warehouses. 

Lastly, you’ll need to be ready to answer miscellaneous questions about your working conditions such as the number of people in the building, where they work and move inside, the kind of atmosphere inside the warehouse, and other factors. 

Talk With an Expert About the Best HVLS Fans

Anyone who’s serious about buying the best HVLS fan will want to have a conversation with an airflow expert from Big Ass Fans. Using their in-depth expertise, SpecLab® simulation software, and other helpful tools, our team can help you choose the perfect fan to bring comfort and higher productivity to your warehouse crew. 

We take a customer-focused, service-based, solution-driven approach to help companies find the best HVLS fan solution for their warehouse. We’ll do all the hard work for you so you and your team can concentrate on growing your business.


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