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Choosing the Best Industrial Fan Company

When a new type of product hits the market and becomes popular, you tend to see a lot of copycats come out of nowhere to get a piece of the action. This is true in just about any industry, whether it’s smart thermostats, flavored seltzer … or industrial ceiling fans. 

Since their introduction more than 20 years ago, HVLS (high-volume, low-speed) fans have taken the world by storm for their energy-efficient and highly effective ability to improve climate conditions in industrial facilities. Unsurprisingly, you can now find dozens—if not hundreds—of companies that now manufacture and sell large overhead warehouse fans.

With so many brands to choose from, it’s important to understand what sets these industrial fan companies apart. Purchasing an HVLS fan system is definitely worth the investment, but only if you choose the right one. Here’s an overview of which criteria to look for when selecting the brand that’s best for you.



What Makes a Good Industrial Fan Company

Like any product category, industrial fans come with a wide variety of models, features, and levels of quality. Their primary purpose is to provide substantial, tangible relief in overheated environments so employees can be safe and productive. Here are the key attributes you should look for when deciding which industrial fan company to choose.


Most industrial fan companies talk about quality, but the level of quality varies significantly from brand to brand. When considering any manufacturer, look for the specific characteristics that determine a fan’s quality: the types of materials used for construction, the grade of the parts, and any quantifiable measure of performance. 


One reliable way to get a sense of a product’s level of quality is to read reviews of customers who have purchased the product and used it for an extended period of time, like a year or more. Those who rave about the fan’s performance will often be specific about which factors contribute to the quality of the product. 


The leading brands in the industry have been manufacturing HVLS fans since the category was introduced more than 20 years ago. They’ve spent the longest amount of time designing, producing, and improving their fans. 


If you were going to hire a new COO for your company, would you rather enlist the help of a 20-year veteran with a proven record of success, or someone who’s just starting out in their career? 

Engineering Expertise

Most industrial fan companies often keep the engineering aspects of their products behind the curtain. But a little bit of digging can reveal a manufacturer’s commitment to the best design and function possible. 


Does their website talk about engineering? Do their product specifications mention the company’s innovations? Do they boast about their technological advancements? Does the manufacturer own patents for their products?


The most basic industrial fans come with a motor and six or eight airfoils. But the top industrial fan companies also offer tech features with their fans, including computerized integration with HVAC systems, security networks, and fire suppression systems. They also should provide remote control (either wired or wireless) operation, programmable settings, and the ability to configure multiple fans from one control panel. 

Industrial-Grade Parts & Materials

When reviewing the specifications of any industrial fan, does the company provide details about the model’s parts and materials? Do they specify IP ratings (ingress protection) for the product’s electrical parts? Can you find an industry-grade rating for the quality and durability of the materials used in manufacturing? 

Measurable Results

Before buying an industrial fan, you should know precisely how that fan will perform in your facility. With so many variables at play, it can be difficult for the average buyer to know which model will work best for their unique situation. 


But the top industrial fan companies are able to provide specific measurements to help you determine the amount and direction of the air circulation any fan will produce. Big Ass Fans, for example, offers a computational fluid dynamics analysis of any model by using your building’s exact dimensions and specifications. 

Service & Support

The fan itself is only part of the investment you’ll be making. The top industrial fan companies also include complete service and maintenance plans as part of your fan purchase. The warranty, as well as any available service plans, should be a solid indication of how much the manufacturer stands behind the quality of its products. 

The longer the warranty, the more likely the equipment will last for an extended period. Your industrial fan company wants your product to last a long, long time—decades, in fact—so they should ensure the longevity of their equipment by supporting it long after your initial purchase. 

About Big Ass Fans, an Industrial Fan Company

The world’s top industrial fan company is U.S.-based Big Ass Fans. They’re the industry’s best-selling manufacturer of industrial fans, and their flagship product, the Powerfoil® X, is the globe’s number-one seller. 

Big Ass Fans was one of the original companies to begin the industrial fan craze, and has been providing high-quality fans since the late 1990s. We pride ourselves on our outstanding quality, our commitment to innovative engineering, the latest in practical technology, and only the finest industrial-grade parts and materials in every model we make.  

We also provide unparalleled support for every fan we manufacture, with the industry’s longest warranties, certified installers, and service that will extend the life of your fan by decades. 

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On top of all that, Big Ass Fans can show you exactly how any of our industrial fans will perform in your building. Using our proprietary SpecLab® software, we use your facility’s specifications to create a quantifiable visualization of how our fans create airflow in your space. 

Best of all, our SpecLab analysis is complimentary! Just contact our team of airflow experts to discover all the reasons Big Ass Fans should be at the top of your list of industrial fan companies.




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