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Customers Review Warehouse Ceiling Fans: Are They Worth It?

You’ve probably heard the buzz about Big Ass Fans and our warehouse ceiling fans. They may be popular, but do they really save money? Do they truly increase productivity? Can they actually make employees happier? 

The short answer is a resounding yes. But don’t just take our word for it. Hear what real-life users of Big Ass fans have to say in these reviews of warehouse ceiling fans:

“The fans allow our line to run at 100% capacity. Our entire team, from the technicians to the engineers, is thrilled with the results. Anyone that works with hot products should use a setup like Big Ass Fans provided.” Clay Reiser, General Manager 

“Big Ass fans are the complete package. They’re energy efficient, whisper quiet, and they look great. They work so well we rarely have to turn them up past 25 percent speed.” Mike Messick, Project Manager

“Big Ass fans help us cut down on our air conditioning load and our utility bill. We cut 15 percent off our bill at a time when everybody else is seeing a 20 percent increase.” Dave Leon, Owner

What makes them all such big fans of Big Ass Fans? Here are a few detailed looks at why the reviews are so positive:

The U.S. Army Approves of Big Warehouse Fans

The U.S. Army Aviation Logistics School at Fort Eustis installed 10 Big Ass fans in their facility in Virginia, which can get very hot and humid in the warmer months. The students and the instructors noticed the difference immediately as the silent warehouse fans made their helicopter mechanic labs comfortable in both summer and winter. 

U.S. Army Reviews Ceiling Fans

“Everyone appreciates the air movement. Before the Big Ass fans, the space was uncomfortable, and students had a difficult time learning in that hot environment. Now students stay focused and concentrate more.” Bruce Bulger, Project Officer, U.S. Army

Ricoh USA Makes the Change to Big Ceiling Fans

How do you decrease the temperature of a warehouse? Big fans, especially ones from Big Ass Fans, are highly effective in cooling large facilities like the one at Ricoh, USA.

Just ask the staff at Ricoh USA, where their 200,000-square-foot facility with 40-foot ceilings in Tennessee suffered blistering, humid conditions. Their standard, high-speed fans just didn’t make a difference, so they switched to high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans. The change made everyone happy. 

Ricoh USA Review of Warehouse Ceiling Fans

“Everyone loves the Big Ass fans, and they always comment on them. The fans we had before couldn’t compare. We’re just thrilled with the difference Big Ass fans have made.” Jeff Robataille, Director of Field Operations, Ricoh USA.

Shedding Light on Growth: Big Warehouse Fans Cut Manufacturing Costs

When Custom Vinyl moved to a newer, bigger warehouse facility, they quickly realized that their steel-and-cinder block building wasn’t a comfortable place to manufacture their windows. Big Ass Fans changed all that with three 18-foot Powerfoil X fans. Now they have comfort for their employees and savings for their bottom line. 

Custom Vinyl’s Warehouse Ceiling Review

“We have twice the amount of space and rooftop units in our new building, but our gas bill is lower. Big Ass Fans prove themselves right there.” Donald Peinado, General Manager, Custom Vinyl


Driven to Be Cool: Warehouse Ceiling Fans Kill the Heat

The temperature in the mechanic shop at Greenwood Ford Lincoln could reach up to 128 degrees in the summer, creating miserable conditions for its 17 technicians. Winter wasn’t much better, usually taking hours every day just to reach room temperature. After Big Ass Fans installed four Powerfoil 8 warehouse ceiling fans, the shop is now comfortable year-round, and productivity is way up. 

Greenwood Ford Lincoln Reviews Warehouse Ceiling Fans

“Big Ass Fans handled the total sales, delivery, installation—everything, which let us concentrate on our business, rather than trying to line up subcontractors.” Tony Sadler, Parts & Services Director, Greenwood Ford Lincoln

Thirsty for Perfection: Warehouse Ceiling Fans Deliver Precision

When a global beverage company in Phoenix, Arizona, needed to keep their brewing and storage facility to within a half-degree of 72 degrees year-round, they turned to Big Ass Fans to make it possible. Air conditioning alone couldn’t keep their space temperate from top to bottom, but big warehouse cooling fans got the job done. 

Kraemer Consulting Engineers Reviews Ceiling Fans for Warehouses

“We immediately turned to Big Ass Fans for this project because of their experience, engineering help, and the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations that proved their fans would do the job. The client is very happy with the air movement in the facility and the fact they achieved a uniform temperature distribution from the bottom to the top of the racks.” Jason Bush, Kraemer Consulting Engineers

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