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Does Your Warehouse Need a High-Volume, Low-Speed Fan? 

You‘ve probably seen them spinning on factory floors, over large workshops, or in warehouses. You may have heard your friends or colleagues talk about them. But what exactly is a “high-volume, low-speed” fan? 

As they become more and more popular, high-volume, low-speed fans are becoming well known—not just for their immense size, but also for their ability to make hot buildings comfortable inside. 

What do these unusual fans actually do? Do you need one? And, if so, what kind should you get?  


Why You Need a High-Volume, Low-Speed Fan for a Warehouse

If you were in charge of a warehouse twenty-five years ago, you knew how hot it could get inside when the weather got toasty. Back then, your options were limited. You could install and run air-conditioning, but probably didn’t because it was so expensive. 

Another option was to place regular ceiling fans. But no matter how many you had or how fast they spun, they just weren’t effective enough to make a difference. Aside from opening doors and windows, warehouse employees were stuck working in very hot, rather uncomfortable conditions. 

Then along came a new invention: high-volume, low-speed fans. These overhead fans were big—VERY big—running anywhere in size from 8 feet to 24 feet in diameter (2.4 to 7.3 meters). Rather than rotating at high speeds like their smaller predecessors, these HVLS fans operated at lower speeds. 

The effect was glorious; HVLS fans were able to circulate “high volumes” of air throughout the warehouse, providing a more comfortable environment for the people inside. 

Before long, Big Ass Fans became the worldwide standard for HVLS fans, bringing relief to warehouse workers around the globe.

High-Volume, Low-Speed Fans at Big Ass Fans

As the internationally leading manufacturer of HVLS fans, Big Ass Fans has engineered them to perfection, with a variety of models to meet the needs of any type of warehouse.

Not only did Big Ass Fans pioneer the HVLS fan revolution, but we’ve also innovated a long list of features and benefits that set the standard for efficiency and effectiveness. 

Our fans (including warehouse fans) are powerful and long-lasting because we craft them from industrial-grade parts and materials. They’re built for harsh conditions such as extreme heat, humidity, and dust—both indoors and out. Our flagship HVLS fan, the Powerfoil® X4, offers the best-of-the-best performance you can find. 

Big Ass Fans also offers various high-tech options such as remote digital controls, automatic operation, and integration with HVAC and security and fire suppression systems. A great example is the Powerfoil® D, which comes with a direct drive, Neodymium motor that runs virtually silently. 

Our airflow experts can help you choose the best HVLS fan for your warehouse using our SpecLab® software—a computational fluid dynamics program that takes measurements of your building and creates a visualization of how our fans will affect your air circulation. 

It’s easy to learn more. Contact us here to schedule your free consultation and discover how an HVLS fan can make your team comfortable and more productive.



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