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Experience Ultimate Comfort and Control with Smart Ceiling Fans | Big Ass Fans

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Tired of your old, run-of-the-mill ceiling fan? You’re not alone. 

As the years have passed, many people have chosen to replace their standard ceiling fans with modern alternatives. Why? Two words: Smart technology.

Today, there are over 300 million smart homes around the world. By 2027, that number is expected to double, totalling more than 670 million. So, it’s safe to say that households are growing more advanced by the day.

Smart ceiling fans are one of the best ways to bring your home into the 21st century. In this guide, we’ll explain the basics of smart ceiling fans, including the benefits and cutting-edge capabilities that can take your comfort to the next level. 

What Are Smart Ceiling Fans?

Smart ceiling fans are the next evolution of traditional cooling technology. They operate much the same way as regular fans, providing a cool breeze that lowers the temperature and makes you more comfortable.

The key difference is that they’re equipped with capabilities that give you complete control over your home climate. Collectively, these features are what’s known as smart technology.

Chances are you’re familiar with the concept already. From smartphones and watches to smart cars and refrigerators, a smart device includes any everyday object with intelligent functionality.

For example, a Big Ass Fan like Haiku® comes equipped with a wide range of advanced features, including Bluetooth, voice command, motion sensors, a sleep timer, and more. Plus, with the Big Ass Fans companion app, you can access every feature in the palm of your hand.

Smart Fan Benefits

Did you know that 60% of people say smart technology has had a positive impact on their lives? No matter where you install it, whether it’s the living room or in your home office, a smart ceiling fan can make a massive difference. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways you can benefit from a modern ceiling fan:

  • Ultra convenience: Don’t feel like getting up and flipping the wall switch? You don’t have to—smart ceiling fans make it easy to adjust the light, speed, and other fan settings without any extra effort. Simply use your voice, mobile device, or a remote control to get the job done.
  • Energy savings: Perhaps the best aspect of owning a smart fan is the satisfaction that you’re making a positive impact on the world. They’re significantly more eco-friendly than an air conditioner, which releases large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. By contrast, you can program a Big Ass Fan to shut off when you leave the room, and it can even sense environmental changes and adjust the temperature on your behalf. That’s a win-win for you and the planet.
  • Cost efficiency: Not only do smart fans deliver energy savings, but they’re also easier on your bank account. That means you can enjoy the comfort of a modern ceiling fan without having to worry about it running up your electricity bill. An ideal fan will optimize energy consumption and automatically adjust to keep you cool (and your wallet heavy). In fact, that’s exactly what our Big Ass Fans do best—but more on that later.
  • Total control: With a Big Ass Fan, you can take complete ownership of your device. After all, it’s in your home. Change the color temperature, night light, fan speed, and more for a truly personalized cooling experience.

How Do Smart Ceiling Fans Work?

Unlike a regular ceiling fan, which is operated by a pull chain or wiring inside the wall, smart ceiling fans run on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology. This allows you to manage the fan in a number of ways, including:

  • Remote control.
  • Companion app.
  • Wall switch.
  • Voice command.

Generally, installation is no more difficult than with a traditional fan. You can choose to put your DIY skills to the test, or you can hire a professional to install it while you kick back and relax. Either way, the process is very much the same (plus a small caveat).

However, with a smart ceiling fan, you do have one more important step: connecting the fan to your Wi-Fi network. This is as simple as inputting your network password and ensuring you have a strong connection. Once complete, you’re good to go. 

What Can Smart Ceiling Fans Do?

Remote control, LED light, Bluetooth—these are pretty standard for any smart fan on the market. But you don’t want just any other fan hanging in your living room; you want the best, which is exactly what our Big Ass Fans have to offer.

More than just what you’d expect, Big Ass Fans are made with capabilities you deserve. These include:

      • Smart home integration: Our fans are compatible with leading smart home devices. For example, i6® integrates with both Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Better yet, it offers hands-free capabilities that allow you to adjust fan settings with the sound of your voice.
      • Built-in automation: Enjoy the power of our exclusive SenseME™ technology—a built-in motion sensor that turns the fan on or off without additional effort. Environmental sensors monitor room conditions (such as temperature and humidity), allowing it to automatically adjust airflow to keep you comfortable.
      • Ultra-efficient design: We equip our fans with a patented DC motor, which allows it to perform with complete efficiency while also delivering unprecedented silence. Plus, we use aircraft-grade aluminum airfoils to offer superior, precise airflow.
      • Energy efficiency:Fan Eco mode helps you save energy while staying cool. Control fan efficiency with the touch of a button in a mobile app and rest assured your device is continuously optimizing energy consumption.

Big Ass Fans: Where Smart Meets Style

With Big Ass Fans, you don’t have to compromise your vision. Choose a smart ceiling fan with the ideal finish for your home. Whether it be satin nickel or natural bamboo, our wide variety of options allow you to pick the ideal complement or contrast for your home design. 

Ready to kick back in comfort? Make a smart choice and browse our selection of smart ceiling fans today.

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