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Fan Installers for Warehouse Facilities

Anyone who’s seen Big Ass Fans’ warehouse ceiling fans in action knows they’re something special. They look spectacular and, most importantly, work extremely well.

But in order for any HVLS (high-volume, low-speed) fan to do its job right, it needs to be installed right. This isn’t a grab-your-screwdriver-and-get-er-done kind of job. They need to be installed by certified, trained professionals to make sure the fans meet every exacting requirements for optimized and safe operation. 

About Our Fan Installers for Warehouse Facilities

One reason Big Ass Fans became the industry leader is because of our 100% success rate in installing our warehouse fans precisely and securely. Every big warehouse fan we install is guaranteed to operate at maximum capacity, flawlessly, for years on end. 

Meeting those world-class standards is a deliberate pursuit. Our decades of experience have helped our team of engineers and mechanics perfect a rigorous training and inspection program to ensure our fans are installed properly. 

We’ve trained and certified a worldwide team of fan installers for warehouse facilities, and every single one must be among the best to qualify. These installers are true professionals and are the only experts qualified and trusted to meet Big Ass Fans’ highest quality standards. 


What Makes Our Warehouse Fan Installers Unique

We start with only top-qualified professionals. Every single wire, bolt, and part must be manufactured and installed to Big Ass Fans’ specifications. And every certified warehouse fan installer is expected to meet the following requirements: 

  • Expertise in electrical and/or HVAC installations
  • Successful track record of completed work
  • Current licensure and certification in the region where they work
  • Proof of liability insurance ($1,000,000 minimum) and workers compensation
  • Three professional references

For Big Ass Fans’ customers, HVLS warehouse ceiling fans are a long-term investment in their facilities, so they deserve the highest performance and customer service possible. As a result, every one of our certified installers must adhere to these unwavering standards: 

  • Precise attention to detail and vigorous work ethic
  • Commitment to meeting customer needs
  • Willingness to master new skills and follow through on all projects

In addition, a Big Ass Fans representative visits every certified fan installer in person to evaluate and verify the following:

  • A clean and organized facility, including their service vehicles
  • Staff who are professional, qualified, and courteous 
  • Up-to-date staff licenses

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We’re proud of our team and the work they do, and our goal is for our customers to feel the same way. Every warehouse big fan we build is a testament to our commitment to excellence and giving our customers only the best. 

What can a Big Ass fan do to improve the environment in your facility, increase your team’s productivity, and save you money? 

It’s free to find out. Give us a call to get an in-person estimate, then get ready to be impressed by all the benefits warehouse ceiling fans can offer you and your business. 

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