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Four Surprising Facts About HVLS Industrial Fans

How much do you know about HVLS industrial fans? The average person knows they’re BIG, and most folks are unaware of some of the more fascinating facts about these special machines. 

Here are a few facts about these warehouse ceiling fans we’ve found often surprise people. 


Fact #1: HVLS Industrial Fans Don’t Lower Room Temperature

When a warehouse gets hot, the first question nearly everyone asks is, “How can we make it cooler in here?” 

The most obvious answer is air-conditioning. A/C sends cooler air into a room, lowering the mercury on the thermometer to a more comfortable level. The problem with air-conditioning is that it’s very expensive. Installing HVAC in a huge building like a warehouse can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and operating it during the hot months gets pricey, too—often costing tens of thousands of dollars each month. 

HVLS (high-volume, low-speed) industrial fans are a popular alternative to air-conditioning because it’s far cheaper to install and operate them. They keep employees comfortable for a fraction of the cost of A/C and can be run all day long for less than $1 per day (depending on your local energy prices). 

HVLS industrial fans don’t lower the room temperature. Instead, they generate pressure that circulates air throughout the building. The breeze from the fan blows across a person’s sweaty skin, causing them to feel cooler. So even though the thermometer may read 86° F (30° C), it feels more like 72° F (22° C). 

Interestingly, both A/C and fans use the same scientific concept—evaporative cooling—but in different ways. The effect, however, is similar—the body is able to lower its temperature, allowing blood to flow where it needs for a person to think and perform at normal levels. 

Fact #2: HVLS Industrial Fans Can Increase Your Profits

It’s true: HVLS industrial fans can actually boost your company’s bottom line. Here’s how.

An overheated warehouse is bad news for your employees. When the indoor temperature increases well above normal, workers’ body temperature rises, too. They sweat, lose energy, and brain activity slows down. As a result, productivity drops, often significantly. The hotter it gets, the lower your team’s ability to get their work done consistently and accurately. 

Numerous studies have proven that a comfortable environment is necessary for workers to remain healthy and productive. When the room temperature is within the right range (typically 70 to 72° F, or 22° C), employees are best able to focus and perform physical activities. 

This, in turn, means their productivity is most likely to be at its peak. And with productivity humming along at optimal levels, your company’s bottom line will be humming along, too. 

Fact #3: Slower Is Better

When you’re sitting at home during hot weather, you know how good it feels to sit beneath a ceiling fan. The constant, fresh breeze flows across your sweaty skin and provides much-needed relief. Typically, the faster your fan spins, the cooler you feel. 

This is not true for HVLS industrial fans. As their name implies, these fans operate at a lower speed than their smaller cousins. That’s because they don’t need to spin at higher revolutions to circulate high volumes of air. Their combination of extra-long airfoils (up to 30 feet in diameter), efficient motor, and unique design makes HVLS fans capable of producing massive airflow, even in a giant room like a warehouse. 

Just take a look at the numbers. Regular residential ceiling fans run anywhere from 200 to 380 RPM (revolutions per minute). HVLS industrial fans, however, rotate significantly slower—a range of 40 to 200 RPM. Because they’re so efficient, HVLS fans are powerful enough to circulate lots of air with much less effort. 

The advantages of a slower-running fan are notable. They require a relatively low amount of energy to operate, which helps keep your utility bills down. Plus, the consistent airflow keeps everyone feeling cooler without noise or motion disruptions.

Fact #4: Big Ass Fans Are the World’s Best

Obviously, we would say that. And we believe it, too. Big Ass Fans manufactures innovative HVLS warehouse fans with industrial-grade parts and materials. They’re designed to last for decades, providing highly effective and efficient airflow in even the harshest conditions. 

The world agrees with us, too! Big Ass Fans is the top-selling brand globally, and our flagship product, the Powerfoil® X, is the number-one selling HVLS industrial fan on the planet. 

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