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Heavy-Duty Industrial Fans

Heavy-duty industrial fans are all the rage these days. Their popularity is primarily due to one reason: they work really, really well at making hot, harsh industrial environments more comfortable for hard-working employees inside. 

The experts at Big Ass Fans have more than 20 years of experience in engineering, designing, and manufacturing heavy-duty industrial fans. We’re the world’s leading seller and innovator of the kinds of fans that make other fans cry.

Learn what makes heavy-duty industrial fans so special and why you should get one (or more) for your heavy-duty environment.  


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What Makes an Industrial Fan Heavy Duty

The words “industrial” and “heavy duty” are used frequently to describe something that’s designed to be extra durable, tough, and able to withstand excessive use and stress. 

You’ve likely experienced the difference in your daily life. You’re probably not surprised when the cheap wrench you bought at the supermarket breaks when you use it on a particularly difficult job. But when you invest in a “heavy-duty” wrench, you expect that bad boy to take a beating and keep on working. 

The same is true with industrial ceiling fans. If you installed a regular fan from the hardware store in your hot, gritty, dirty manufacturing plant, you’re going to be disappointed. Aside from it not being powerful enough to make any difference in the comfort level of your building, it’s likely that the fan couldn’t handle the harsh environment and demanding use you’d expect in an industrial setting. 

Heavy-duty industrial fans, however, are designed for the toughest, roughest conditions you can imagine. Heat, humidity, dust, and grease are no match for a heavy-duty fan from Big Ass Fans. Our industrial ceiling fans eat up the abuse and spit it out in the form of awesome, continuous airflow throughout your building. 

There are a few characteristics that set heavy-duty industrial fans apart from their domestic counterparts: 


The shape, size, and design of an industrial fan distinguish it from a regular fan made for home or commercial use. Heavy-duty fans can be bigger—much bigger—and can feature hermetically sealed gearboxes to protect the motorized parts inside. 

Parts and Materials

The term “industrial grade” applies to heavy-duty fans, especially the materials and parts used to build them. Big Ass Fans uses grade 8 hardware and IP56 or IP66 ratings for ingress protection.


Heavy-duty industrial fans are engineered differently, too. While all fans serve the same basic function, engineers develop each part of the fan to withstand the most ruthless elements nature, humans, and machines can throw at it. 


Another qualification for a fan to be considered “heavy duty” is the environment for their intended use. An auto repair shop, a massive distribution warehouse, and a plastic molding factory would all be considered industrial facilities requiring heavy-duty equipment such as industrial ceiling fans. 

How to Know You Need a Heavy Duty Industrial Fan

If you operate a warehouse, factory, repair shop, mill, workshop, gymnasium, stable, or other large manufacturing-type facility, you could benefit from a heavy-duty industrial fan. 

If your building gets too hot during warm weather or too cold during winter, a heavy-duty fan can keep your employees, animals, or visitors comfortable and productive. 

If air-conditioning is too expensive to install and operate at your company, a heavy-duty industrial fan is a perfect solution. 

Buy a Heavy-Duty Industrial Fan from Big Ass Fans

Our airflow experts can guide you through the process of choosing the right heavy-duty industrial fan for your warehouse, factory, or workshop. By using our proprietary CFD (computational fluid dynamics) software, we can analyze your building and give you a quantified visualization of how our fans will improve airflow in your facility. 

Schedule your complimentary analysis with Big Ass Fans today. 


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