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How to Choose an HVLS Fan Supplier

If you know you need to buy an HVLS fan, the first decision you’ll likely make is which supplier to buy from. As an industry that’s been in existence for a little more than 20 years, HVLS (high-volume, low-speed) fan manufacturers have popped up by the dozens in the last decade.

There are some significant distinctions between the more qualified suppliers and everyone else. Making an investment in the comfort and productivity of your employees ought to be done with the confidence you’ve made a smart choice.

How can you select the best HVLS fan supplier? Are they really all that different? And how do you go about choosing which maker to purchase from? 


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Factors to Consider for an HVLS Fan Supplier

We all know from experience that every company is different and the quality of their products can vary significantly. The same holds true for the HVLS fan industry. The list of distinctions can be long, and there are a few qualities that stand out above the others. 

Industry Longevity

Being newer to the industry doesn’t automatically disqualify an HVLS fan supplier from consideration. When a new manufacturing company enters the market, they may bring some fresh ideas to the table. 

However, extensive experience has considerable advantages, especially for a company that does a substantial amount of research and development. Veteran suppliers learn from their mistakes, eliminate the less productive (or even bad) ideas, and find fresh ways to improve on their already high standards. 

Industry Leadership

The best HVLS fan suppliers aren’t content to be just another player in the game. They build their company’s manufacturing and development processes that allow them to establish new benchmarks in quality. They innovate on a regular basis. And they provide a voice of influence that ensures both their company and the entire industry are getting better. 

Industry Expertise

When an HVLS fan supplier is fully committed to creating the finest products possible, they must follow a long-term course of action that grows their knowledge and ability to produce even better equipment. 

This high level of mastery involves every aspect of the engineering and manufacturing processes. The true industry expert understands the importance of the grade of parts and materials they use. They understand—and can readily explain—the science behind what makes their products perform exceptionally well. And they’re knowledgeable enough to see opportunities for innovation and improvement years ahead. 

Questions to Ask When Choosing an HVLS Fan Supplier

Before making a decision about choosing an HVLS fan supplier, consider asking this list of questions. The answers will reveal what’s most important to you and your company, as well as what may set the manufacturers apart from each other. 

  • How long has the company been in business? 
  • What products do they manufacture besides HVLS fans? 
  • What does this HVLS fan supplier say is their number-one priority? 
  • What does the company say about safety?
  • Does the supplier make it easy to distinguish between their various options? 
  • How much service and support do they offer after your purchase? 
  • What do their existing customers say about them? 
  • What steps does the company take to ensure high quality? 
  • How does the company respond to customer service requests?  
  • What do their warranties cover, and for how long? 

The World’s Number-One HVLS Fan Supplier

When considering an HVLS fan supplier for warehouse fans, Big Ass Fans should be at the top of your list. We were one of the very first HVLS fan manufacturers, and have been in the business for well over 20 years. Big Ass Fans has become the world’s number-one supplier of HVLS fans, and our flagship product, the Powerfoil® X, is the top-selling industrial ceiling fan on the planet. 

Big Ass Fans employs some of the most knowledgeable and experienced airflow engineers, designers, and makers in the industry. We became the industry leader through hard work, a 100% commitment to excellent quality, and relentless innovation. 

No matter which Big Ass fan you choose to invest in, you can be confident it will provide the highest efficiency and effectiveness only the best products deliver. And you’ll enjoy decades of reliable comfort in your warehouse. 

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