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How to Choose Between Brands of HVLS Fans

HVLS warehouse fans are wonderful. Warehouse managers who buy them rave about their energy efficiency. Employees who work beneath them praise them for the relief and comfort they provide. Accountants love their ability to help increase productivity. 

It’s no wonder several manufacturers have jumped on the HVLS bandwagon in recent years. Between numerous brands and nearly countless options, models, styles, and configurations, choosing the right one has never been more challenging.

Until now. Big Ass Fans—the world leader in innovating, producing, and selling HVLS fans—brings you a quick guide to choosing the best HVLS fans. Now you’ll be prepared to make a smart, informed decision about your next HVLS fan purchase. 


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Differences Between Brands of HVLS Fans

If you took a quick look at all the major HVLS fan brands side by side, your first impression would likely be that nearly all of them look very similar. Most (if not all) brands tout maximum airflow and energy efficiency. And many offer add-on features such as touchscreen controls.

The big differences are in the details. A closer inspection of each fan will reveal some slight (and some not-so-slight) variations in airfoil design. Width, length, shape, angle, and tip design all affect the fan’s performance. Some of those distinctions may seem minor, but their slight differences in performance add up over time. 

The level of support for each brand of HVLS fan varies, as well. Warranties, maintenance plans, and ongoing service differ from company to company. Be sure you understand just how much assistance you’ll be getting throughout the entire process—from selecting models to installation and post-purchase support. 

Why Choose Big Ass Fans?

If there’s a safest option in choosing an HVLS fan—a brand that will deliver the goods without any doubt—it has to be Big Ass Fans. We’ve been engineering, designing, and manufacturing HVLS fans as long as anyone in the industry. 

Even though Big Ass Fans is the industry’s leading HVLS fan manufacturer, we never rest on our laurels. Our team is continually testing, researching, and exploring newer and better ways to provide maximum airflow for the least amount of energy. 

Big Ass Fans offers features and services you can’t find anywhere else. Our proprietary SpecLab® software uses computational fluid dynamics to give you a quantifiable simulation of airflow in your building, meaning you’ll know exactly how our fans will perform in your space. We have a certified installer program that ensures your fan will be secure, safe, and operate at its maximum potential. We’ll even visit your site in person to provide one-on-one consultation. 

When you purchase an HVLS fan from Big Ass Fans, you’re also getting the support of our entire team. Our job isn’t done after your fan is installed. We’re here to support you and provide personal service for any needs or questions you might have. We’re your airflow partners for life. 


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