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How to Cool a Warehouse with Fans

There’s a huge gap between how expensive it can be to drop the temperature in a hot warehouse and how much money you can save by circulating the airflow more effectively. 

Knowing the differences can help your employees feel comfortable and be productive … without breaking the bank to do it. 

How much money do warehouses spend on cooling?

HVAC experts consider a long list of factors for determining the climate control needs of any building, especially large facilities such as warehouses. Ambient air temperature, humidity, building size, ceiling height, room configuration, machinery and equipment (especially ones that generate heat), the amount and type of activity conducted inside, the number and size of windows and doors, and many other variables can play a role in what it will take to cool down a warehouse. 

While there’s no hard and fast rule of thumb for projecting the actual costs for cooling a warehouse, one thing is for certain: it’s expensive. Installing HVAC units can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, while monthly energy bills can range from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. 

When it comes to your pocketbook, creating cooler air is costly. Fortunately, there is a cost-effective solution for making people inside a warehouse feel cooler. 


How to Cool a Warehouse with Fans

Let’s say your warehouse reaches upwards of 80º F (27º C) in the summer months. That can be a very uncomfortable climate for hardworking employees to endure day after day. Studies show that productivity drops, workers’ ability to concentrate decreases, and absenteeism increases when warehouse temperatures rise above 74º F (23º C). 

That’s a problem. Companies with hot warehouses are losing money while their employees remain unhappy. 

Yet when businesses attempt to make their warehouses cooler, the costs add up fast. Air conditioning can be very expensive—both to install and to operate—and tends to be highly inefficient. 

Big overhead fans, however, provide a more effective solution. Rather than drop the temperature in a warehouse, big fans are able to circulate air throughout large spaces, making the employees inside feel cooler. The air passes over a person’s skin, causing moisture on the skin to evaporate, making the person feel cooler. 

You get the effect of feeling cooler without the expense and energy of actually reducing the temperature in the room. So a room that’s 78 degrees can feel like 72—allowing your employees to be more comfortable and more productive. 

The Importance of Choosing the Best Warehouse Fan

Since there are so many factors involved in determining how to make a warehouse feel cooler—especially the potential costs involved—it’s important to choose the right kind of fan(s) to make it happen. 

Instead of taking a wild guess at which model, size, or brand of big warehouse fan will get the job done, you can trust the airflow experts at Big Ass Fans to specify the best warehouse fan for your space. 

We use our proprietary software called SpecLab® to create a 3D analysis of the airflow in your warehouse and identify which areas need better airflow. Armed with scientific results, we can pinpoint exactly which fan (or combination of fans) can best make your warehouse feel cooler. 

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Getting an analysis is easy and free. Our experts will take all the details of your building and determine the right package to solve your cooling problems. We’ll be able to recommend the best warehouse fan for your needs—a solution guaranteed to provide you with efficiency and effectiveness for years to come. 



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