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How to Cool Down a Warehouse in Texas

They say everything’s bigger in Texas. The ranches, the football, the burgers, the bars, and the weather. 

Texas is where things go to melt. Did you know that the number of 100-degrees days in the Lone Star State has more than doubled in the last 40 years? According to a report by Texas A&M University, it’s expected to double again within the next 15 years. 

Texas is getting so toasty that its rate of average annual temperature increase is nearly double that of the average for the rest of the world.

That’s a lot of sweltering warehouses. 

The battle to combat scorching conditions in the workplace isn’t getting any less challenging. And the heat isn’t the only thing that’s rising. Costs for cooling large buildings with air conditioning are going up, too. 

Thankfully, there’s a solution that’s highly effective, energy efficient, and more budget friendly than virtually any other cooling method: Big Ass fans. 

Cooling Down a Warehouse in Texas Heat

The main goal of installing a fan in a blistering hot building is to move the air. AC works hard (and expensively) to replace hot air with cooler air. But high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans circulate the air throughout the entire warehouse. 

The result? The room feels cooler as the breeze flows across your skin. (Coincidentally, it operates on the same basic scientific principle as air conditioning, which is to blow air across fluid-filled tubes to create cooler air.) 

One of the best tools Big Ass Fans uses to combat the heat in warehouse-type buildings is our innovative SpecLab® program. It gives you an airflow analysis of your building with a color-coded view of how warehouse fans improve the airflow through your space. 

HVLS fans work well on their own or in conjunction with AC or swamp coolers. The fans circulate the cooler air, helping to reduce the heat AND minimize the amount of energy needed to cool the building. That translates to lower energy bills, too. 


Big Ass Fans Can Cool any Warehouse in Texas

In a state of BIG things, Big Ass fans fit right in. 

There’s nothing small about Big Ass fans. Aside from their sheer size, everything about our HVLS (high-volume, low-speed) fans is sizeable—the airfoils, the motors, the safety features, and, perhaps biggest of all, the idea itself. 

The results are huge, too. Big warehouse fans can make even the hottest facilities feel up to 10 degrees cooler, creating an environment where your workers are happier and more productive. In fact, one study of 70,000 warehouses found that productivity dropped up to 3 percent for every one-degree increase above the average temperature. 

Higher temperatures mean lower productivity, while cooler temperatures translate to higher productivity and improved morale. 

You can find our fans cooling hot warehouse-type buildings throughout the great state of Texas. They’re feeling frosty in Fort Worth, breathing breezy in Bee Cave, and cooling down in Corpus Christi. Texans are just plain happier in more pleasant work environments. 

Discover what an HVLS fan can do to improve your warehouse atmosphere in the Lone Star State. Contact us for a free estimate. 


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