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HVLS Fan for Warehouse

Have you ever asked your employees if they think your warehouse feels comfortable? We have. The answers are usually something along these lines: 

“It’s unbearable in the summer.” 

“I have a hard time focusing because it feels like an oven in here.” 

“We’re all miserable when the weather gets hot.” 

But if you ask people who work in a warehouse with Big Ass fans, the answers are almost always something like, “It’s infinitely better when you’re working under the Big Ass fans!” 

Why is that? What makes a Big Ass fan so effective at helping workers feel more comfortable—and, as a result, more productive at their jobs? The answer is simple and may surprise you. 

What Are HVLS Fans for Warehouses?

For decades, there were two typical responses to employee complaints about hot warehouses. The first answer was the most common: “Air conditioning is too expensive.” In other words, many employers told their workers to bite the bullet and toil through the heat. Their “comfort” wasn’t worth the cost, and their productivity paid the price. 

The second reaction wasn’t much better. “Here are some fans. That’s the best we can do.” Armed with cheap little fans bought from a local hardware store, companies tried to help but the result wasn’t very effective. Again, productivity suffered. 

Then in the late 1990s along came a company with a new solution. What if the fans were bigger? A LOT bigger? 

Engineers got to work inventing a new kind of fan—something they called the HVLS (high-volume, low-speed) fan. Its purpose was simple and brilliant. With only a little amount of energy, these huge fans were able to circulate a huge amount of air through hot, humid warehouses. 

The results were dramatic. The continuous, palpable airflow breezed across the workers’ bodies, evaporating the moisture in their skin and helping them feel significantly cooler. HVLS fans for warehouses have been a game-changer for countless industrial facilities around the world and have become the go-to solution for bringing relief to overheated employees everywhere. 


Benefits of HVLS Fans for Warehouses

While the cooling effects are remarkable, the energy savings are even more extraordinary. The cost of air conditioning has always been pricey, and the amount of energy required to operate AC is extremely high. Energy bills can often be one of a company’s biggest expenses, which can prove challenging for businesses with already high operating costs. 

But HVLS fans for warehouses—especially the industry-leading ones made by Big Ass Fans—run with far less energy, using incredibly efficient motors and other innovative parts that run quietly and effectively for years on end. 

That’s a win-win for any business with a warehouse-type facility. With HVLS fans, companies can keep their employees comfortable and productive while spending far less to do it. 

Types of HVLS Fans for Warehouses

You can find a wide variety of choices when it comes to choosing HVLS fans for your warehouse. In fact, Big Ass Fans offers high-volume, low-speed fans with a range of options and features designed specifically for your warehouse’s unique needs and requirements. 

Whether you choose the world’s best-selling HVLS fan for warehouses, the Powerful® X, or the budget-conscious Basic 6® fan, you can be 100% confident that you’ll get the cooling effects you need, as well as the money-saving energy efficiency that make HVLS such a genius solution. 

Big Ass Fans is the industry standard when it comes to HVLS fans. We invented them, and we’ve engineered them to perfection over the past twenty years. 

Find out which HVLS fan will work best in your warehouse by contacting one of our airflow experts. 



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