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HVLS Fan Manufacturer: Big Ass Fans

With so many HVLS fan makers to choose from, it can be challenging to know which brand may be best for you. No two fan models are exactly alike, and no two manufacturers are the same, either. 

We’ve created a brief but handy overview of the qualities of a great manufacturer to help you make an informed decision about your next HVLS (high-volume, low-speed) fan purchase. 





Top Qualities of an HVLS Fan Manufacturer

A quick internet search will reveal dozens of companies that produce HVLS fans. Some manufacturers produce only HVLS (or similar) fans, while others (like Big Ass Fans) construct a variety of products related to airflow and building comfort. Some brands include HVLS fans among a wide variety of office, industrial, or warehouse products. 

Regardless of their catalog of products, there are a handful of important qualities you should consider when choosing an HVLS fan manufacturer. 

Commitment to High Quality

When you invest in an HVLS fan, you want a durable, highly effective machine that will give you years—decades, even—of reliable operation. There are a number of factors that indicate a manufacturer’s commitment to quality:

  • Testing. How extensive are the company’s testing standards and practices? 
  • Grade of materials used in construction. Accept no less than higher-rated industrial materials.
  • Staff qualifications. The most qualified makers employ—and retain—the industry’s best of the best engineers and production staff. 
  • Depth of experience. The most experienced manufacturers have been in the HVLS fan business for more than 20 years.
  • Industry standing. Sales are only one measure of how a manufacturer stacks up against its competitors. The top companies are respected and imitated by their peers.
  • International reach. Not all HVLS fan manufacturers sell their products globally, but an international reach indicates a company capable of meeting the highest quality standards worldwide.
  • Customer satisfaction. Are the manufacturers’ clients happy with their HVLS fans? Do they recommend them? Do they purchase them again? 

Compliant with Industry Standards

Multiple trade associations and organizations exist to establish benchmarks for quality, safety, and technical specifications. While many of these standards are created and enforced by government agencies, some quality measures are voluntarily adopted by manufacturers to ensure lasting durability and peak performance. 

Some organizations such as AMCA (Air Movement Control Association) maintain guidelines for standardized testing processes of HVLS fans and other related equipment.

Continually Innovative

With new technologies, materials, and production methods regularly being introduced into the industry, it’s imperative HVLS fan manufacturers stay up to date on the latest advances and incorporate them into their products and practices.

Better yet, the best companies will be contributing their own innovations year after year. They’ll use a constant loop of customer feedback, research and development, and consistent monitoring of their fans’ performance to improve their existing products while also inventing new ones. 

Customer Centered

Without customers, you have no business. Buyers are the backbone of the success of any HVLS fan manufacturer, and the best companies give their customers the finest service and the utmost quality. 

Why Choose Big Ass Fans?

Big Ass Fans checks all the boxes for the best aspects of an HVLS fan manufacturer. Our commitment to delivering the best possible quality has made us the world’s number-one producer of industrial ceiling fans. Our Powerfoil X® model—a shining example of innovation—is the best-selling HVLS fan in the world.

And our focus on customers and putting their needs first is really what Big Ass Fans is all about. Our team goes the extra mile to ensure you have all the tools and information you need to make a smart choice about your next HVLS warehouse fan

Contact us today to discover how a Big Ass fan can provide comfort for your team and boost your productivity.





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