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Industrial Fans

One of the most popular types of equipment purchased for warehouses is a product that didn’t exist a little more than 20 years ago. Industrial fans—also called HVLS fans, high-volume/low-speed fans, or warehouse ceiling fans—have taken the world by storm in recent years. 

What exactly is an industrial fan, and why are they in such high demand? How are industrial fans different from HVAC or standard ceiling fans? And which brand of industrial fans should you consider installing in your warehouse?



What Are Industrial Fans?

Most people are familiar with standard ceiling fans—the kind used in homes and small- to mid-sized commercial buildings. They’re typically about three to seven feet in diameter and have three, four, or five blades (also referred to as airfoils on premium models). Regular ceiling fans are ideal for circulating air in spaces the size of bedrooms, living rooms, and coffee shops. 

Industrial fans, however, are used in much larger settings such as warehouses, factory floors, or other huge manufacturing or storage facilities. Using six or eight airfoils and reaching sizes of up to 30 feet (9.1 meters) in diameter, industrial fans are capable of circulating air through spaces of more than 40,000 square feet (12,000 square meters). They’re bigger, more powerful, and more durable, often lasting for decades (with proper care and maintenance). 

All fans, no matter their size or location, are used for the same purpose: to provide enough airflow to bring relief from excessive heat or cold. They also do so using far less energy than HVAC systems—especially air conditioning—making them both highly efficient and effective. 

The Benefits of Industrial Fans

The main goal of any fan is to make people feel cooler. A ceiling fan won’t drop the temperature in a room; instead, it produces an effect called evaporative cooling. As your body temperature rises, you sweat in an effort to lower your body temperature. When the air blows across your sweaty skin, you feel cooler, signaling to your brain that your body temperature can drop a little. 

When your body temperature is too high, your body spends more resources on lowering the temperature. The result is a loss of energy as well as a decreased ability to focus and remain as productive. That’s bad news for companies that need to keep productivity—and profits—up. 

An obvious solution to overheated employees is air-conditioning. But HVAC systems are prohibitively expensive to install and run in huge buildings like warehouses. Industrial fans provide a much more affordable solution that keeps your workers comfortable and busy. 

By providing an ideal work environment for a fraction of the cost of A/C, industrial fans help ensure you keep productivity high while keeping operating costs low. That’s a benefit that can quickly add up to tens of thousands of dollars in increased profit for your business, not to mention improved employee retention and morale. 

Keep in mind, too, industrial fans work especially well when partnered with existing HVAC systems. You can reduce your energy costs because the fans reduce the need for excessive air-conditioning. 

What Makes Big Ass Fans Better than Other Brands?

Big Ass Fans is the world’s number-one manufacturer of industrial and warehouse fans. Our Powerfoil® X is the top-selling industrial fan on the planet. We offer a range of models including the technologically advanced Powerfoil® D and the budget-friendly Basic 6®

In addition to ceiling fans, Big Ass Fans makes a variety of industrial fans that serve a range of purposes. From our directional fans like the Sidekick® and the AirEye® to our giant AirGo® mobile fan, we have numerous solutions for keeping your team happy and busy. 

Deciding which fan is the best for you is as easy as contacting one of our airflow experts. We’ll guide you through your options and give you a free airflow analysis using our one-of-a-kind SpecLab® software, which gives you a quantifiable visualization of how our fans will perform in your building. 


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