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Industrial Fans for Warehouses

Are you an air circulation expert? Most people aren’t. Whether it’s understanding the physics behind airflow or the mechanics of creating air pressure, the average person needs a little education before they can fully appreciate the wonders of  warehouse fans

This post aims to shed some light on what industrial fans can do to improve the working conditions for employees. No matter how hot or cold your warehouse gets, an industrial fan is likely your best solution for making things comfortable again. 


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What Are Industrial Fans?

The same objective applies to all indoor settings where people spend their time: keep everyone comfortable. When people are too hot or too cold, their bodies react in ways that reduce their ability to focus and stay productive. For businesses, that means lost dollars. 

Industrial settings have different needs and requirements than residential or commercial buildings. Because the size and dimensions of their interior spaces are much larger, warehouses and factory floors require a different approach to controlling the climate. 

In homes or office buildings, HVAC systems work like a charm. By displacing hot or cold air with more temperate air, the temperature inside can be moderated and kept within a comfortable range. 

But air-conditioning isn’t nearly as practical or affordable in a huge warehouse. The amount of money and energy required to cool a warehouse is usually cost-prohibitive. 

Industrial fans provide a much better solution for warehouses. Instead of cooling or heating the air, industrial fans circulate air throughout the space. The airflow offers relief, even when the thermometer stretches too far in either direction.

How Are They Different from Other Fans?

The average ceiling fan purchased at your local hardware store isn’t going to do much in a large building like a warehouse. Even though regular overhead fans do a great job in a bedroom or office area, they’re simply not powerful enough to circulate air in a huge room. 

To make a warehouse more comfortable requires a different kind of ceiling fan. For starters, they need to be bigger. A LOT bigger. Industrial fans range in size from 8 feet in diameter up to 30 feet. Smaller blades aren’t capable of forcing airflow more than a few feet, whereas longer airfoils provide enough pressure to move air more than 100 feet away, as well as all the way to the floor from high ceilings. 

In order to spin those massive airfoils, the fan needs a powerful motor. These motors need to be engineered to handle extreme temperatures, dust, humidity, and extensive—sometimes constant—use. Their parts must be made of industrial-grade material, able to withstand even the harshest conditions. 

Why Are Industrial Fans Best for Warehouses?

If you ever walk into a warehouse or other huge building (such as a gymnasium or a factory floor) and see small ceiling fans installed, it’s okay to chuckle to yourself. Now you know why those tiny blades aren’t doing much to circulate air. 

Industrial fans make all the difference because they’re designed specifically for warehouses and other large spaces. Not only do they create massive volumes of airflow, but they also do it affordably. So you can keep your employees comfortable and productive for a fraction of the cost of air-conditioning. 

But you don’t have to just take our word for it. You can have one of the airflow experts from Big Ass Fans do a customized analysis of your warehouse with our computational fluid dynamics software called SpecLab®. It enables us to provide a first-hand view of how our fans can improve the airflow in your building. 

Just contact us here to find out how you can get your free airflow analysis.

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