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Industrial Warehouse Fans

When it comes to creating a comfortable environment for employees in a warehouse, it’s important to remember two facts. First, every industrial facility is different and has unique challenges. Second, not all fans are created equal. 

A warehouse building used for storage and packaging will have very different needs than a factory floor full of workers and hot machines. But both require an atmosphere that provides a temperate climate that allows employees to be happy and productive. 

Finding the right industrial warehouse fan for any large facility means pinpointing the best solution for helping people inside feel comfortable, while being mindful of the costs and savings involved. 

What makes one industrial warehouse fan different from another? And how do you choose which one is best for you? Find helpful answers below. 

What Makes Our Industrial Warehouse Fans Unique

Big Ass Fans was the first company to manufacture HVLS (high-volume, low-speed) big fans for warehouses. They were—and still are—a revolutionary concept in the field of indoor climate control for large industrial buildings. 

The good news is that they work! But some work better than others, and the cost benefits can vary widely. Choosing the best industrial warehouse fan involves learning what makes the best fans so much better. 

For Big Ass fans, the key differences are in our DNA—how the fans are designed and how well they run. Specifically, here’s what makes our fans unique:

  • Exceptional engineering. The starting point for our engineers is to create the safest and most durable product possible. We’ve standardized a continuous loop of research and development which ensures our fans and their parts are the best in the industry—and constantly improving. You can see a detailed example here
  • Computational fluid dynamics. Since every building has different variables for determining the optimal airflow, we created an eye-opening tool that creates a custom 3D airflow analysis of any facility. SpecLab® uses a drawing of the space in your building, accounting for inventory, obstructions, working spaces, machinery, the number of people working inside, and other details. The software shows exactly how Big Ass fans can affect the building’s circulation.
  • Tailored technology. We don’t use off-the-shelf components. Instead, our team custom designs critical systems such as the motor, VFD, and gearbox. That allows us to exceed—significantly exceed—the sturdiness and capabilities of other equipment. The same can’t be said for other brands. For example, the custom-built direct-drive motor in our Powerfoil® D operates almost silently and can withstand the harshest conditions. And we designed our NitroSeal™ drive gearbox to require zero maintenance. 


    Why Choose Us for Warehouse Fans

    When you choose Big Ass Fans for your industrial warehouse fan, you’re partnering with the industry’s leader in HVLS fan technology and design. We do more than manufacture industrial warehouse fans; we’re committed to improving their performance and capabilities to ensure the most effective airflow possible. 

    You can count on our engineering and manufacturing practices to deliver the best industrial warehouse fans. You can also depend on our complete satisfaction-oriented service during the life of the fan (which is a very, very long time). 

    The Best Industrial Fans for Warehouses

    The best industrial fans for warehouses give you options: 

    • Big ceiling fans. Large overhead ceiling fans are the most popular choice for companies with industrial facilities that need better airflow. Big Ass Fans offers several models, including the Powerfoil® X, the Powerfoil® D, the Powerfoil® 8, and the Basic 6®

    • Directional fans. Oftentimes large industrial facilities like factory floors need more targeted airflow. The best directional fans give you plenty of options that can be mounted just about anywhere, giving you flexibility and control over your circulation. Big Ass Fans directional fans include the Aireye®, the Yellow Jacket®, and the Pivot®

    • Mobile fans. When you need to move the direction of your airflow, a large mobile fan may be exactly what you need. These extremely durable fans come on castors so you can roll them wherever you need them, whether indoors or out. The best industrial mobile fans include the Sidekick®, the 8-foot Airgo®, and the powerful Black Jack®


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