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Large Warehouse Fans

If you’ve ever purchased a ceiling fan for your home, you likely made your choice based mostly on looks. Obviously, you expect the fan to do its job of circulating the air through the room, but you probably chose the fan because it looked nice in your house.  

But selecting a fan for your warehouse is a different story. Sure, good looks are fine, but deciding which large fan is best for your warehouse should be based on a separate set of criteria—the main one being the ability to keep your employees comfortable and productive.

What makes a good warehouse fan? What options do they have? Why is it Important to learn about large warehouse fans?


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When to Use Large Warehouse Fans

When the weather gets hot, your warehouse gets hot, too. Without air-conditioning to cool things down, the air inside gets stuffy and stagnant. Your employees aren’t just uncomfortable; they’re suffering. Their bodies literally slow down and productivity drops.

And your company loses money. 

Maybe you’ve considered installing AC, but the price tag was shockingly high. Could a large warehouse fan help? Absolutely. Large warehouse fans (also known as HVLS, or high-volume, low-speed fans) are capable of circulating air in a huge space like a warehouse, creating a breeze that makes your workers feel comfortable—and productive—again. 

So a large warehouse fan is definitely the right solution. But how do you know which one will work best? 

The Differences Between Large Warehouse Fans

When it comes to large warehouse fans, one size does not fill all. Their sizes, in fact, vary from 8 feet in diameter all the way up to 30 feet. (“Now that’s a big ass fan!”) 

But there’s more to large warehouse fans than size. While they all may be able to circulate air, they also come with a variety of differences and options, including:

Airfoils. Whereas most ceiling fans in the home have four or five airfoils (commonly called blades), large warehouse fans come with either six or eight airfoils. 

Motors. Large ceiling fan motors can vary in energy efficiency, power, noise, warranty, maintenance, and expected lifespan. 

Durability. Some brands like Big Ass Fans use industrial-grade parts and are engineered to last for decades. Others don’t. 

Safety features. When you have a large fan with spinning metal blades, you need to trust that it’s going to stay in place and not malfunction. The best manufacturers (like Big Ass Fans) offer fans with multiple, redundant safety features. 

Technology. Many fans offer high-tech options that provide integration with your warehouse’s existing systems such as security, fire suppression, and HVAC.

Noise. Some large warehouse fans can be loud enough to be disruptive to a productive working environment. The premium brands offer fans that run virtually silently. 

What We Offer

Big Ass Fans—the industry’s leading manufacturer of large warehouse fans—offers a wide range of fans, as well as a variety of options for each of those fans. 

How can you choose the best fan for your warehouse? Leave the guesswork to the amateurs and work with the airflow professionals at Big Ass Fans. 

We offer customized SWAT service that includes an on-site visit from one of our experts. They’ll take measurements and use our SpecLab® software to create a quantifiable simulation of the airflow in your warehouse. Then they use that data to determine which fan(s) will provide the best circulation in your space. 

Contact us today to set up your free analysis. 

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