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Oscillating Warehouse Fans

Fresh air can always find a way. 

In the ongoing quest to conquer the heat in a roasting warehouse, sometimes the best solution is focusing airflow through targeted spaces. A highly effective way to do that is with an oscillating warehouse fan. 

What Is an Oscillating Warehouse Fan?

An oscillating warehouse fan is an industrial-strength fan that’s able to automatically turn back and forth at a consistent speed. It adds an extra dimension to circulation, keeping airflow moving in multiple directions. 

It’s much smaller than an HVLS (high-volume, low-speed) fan, but just as powerful. Whereas ceiling fans circulate air throughout an entire warehouse, oscillating fans give you more control over the direction of airflow. It’s a perfect option for cooling specific areas, especially in situations where people and equipment may change from day to day. 

The Yellow Jacket® fan from Big Ass Fans is a perfect example. It’s available with an oscillator kit able to rotate up to 90 degrees. That means the world’s most versatile warehouse fan gives you a virtually infinite number of configurations. And, most importantly, gives your warehouse a virtually endless supply of fresh air. 


The Benefits of Oscillating Warehouse Fans

Oscillating fans give you two distinct advantages: more dynamic airflow and a better ability to target airflow exactly where you need it. 

Since an oscillating warehouse fan can direct airflow more precisely, you’re better able to keep your employees comfortable and productive no matter where they are in your warehouse, factory floor, or distribution center. 

Many industrial facilities perform a variety of functions, creating the need for multi-faceted airflow solutions. For example, one part of a warehouse may need to keep cool while not disturbing paper or other light objects, while another area requires physical activity that causes employees to work up a sweat. An oscillating fan gives you the flexibility to provide additional, much-needed cool air to hotter employees without disturbing other sections of the facility. 

The World’s Best Oscillating Warehouse Fan

If you ever wondered what the phrase “tough as nails” means, all you need to do is spend some quality time with the Yellow Jacket fan. It’s as heavy duty as heavy duty can get when it comes to function, maintenance, and cleaning. 

Big Ass fan? How about badass fan. The Yellow Jacket fan is so durable that it can take anything you and your crew can dish out. You can drop it, kick it, or knock it over, and nothing will phase it. No matter how grueling it keeps on cooling. 

It’s also the single-most versatile fan in the world. You can stand it, roll it, or mount it to walls, ceilings, or columns. With 360-degree vertical rotation, you can point it in literally any direction, making it stale air’s worst nightmare. 

The Yellow Jacket fan oscillator kit offers 45-, 60-, or 90-degree rotation with up to six rotations every minute. It even comes with digital control options, making it super easy to use, too. 

What could an oscillating fan accomplish for your warehouse? There’s only one way to find out. Contact one of our airflow experts for a free custom recommendation. 

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