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Selecting the Right HVLS Fan Company for You

When it comes time to choose an HVLS fan for your warehouse, you’ve got a big decision to make. You could go with a catalog-type supply company or you could invest in an HVLS (high-volume, low-speed) fan that gets the job done efficiently and will last for decades. A fan made by a company that invented innovations that have influenced the entire industry. An HVLS fan manufacturer that handcrafts its fans to perform at the highest levels to keep employees comfortable and more productive.

If you’re going to purchase an HVLS fan, it’s time to seriously consider the world’s number-one maker of industrial overhead fans: Big Ass Fans. 



The World’s Leading HVLS Fan Company

Becoming the best-selling HVLS fan company across the globe is a big accomplishment. It demands the highest quality, industry leadership, engineering innovation, impeccable service, and consistent customer satisfaction.

High Quality

You can only become the best when your products’ quality delivers outstanding results. Big Ass Fans HVLS fans are constructed by hand from industrial-grade materials and hardware. Our gearboxes are the best you can find and come with a standard IP56 rating, making them resistant to even the hottest, grittiest, most humid conditions. 

Industry Leadership

Leadership in one’s field of expertise requires a collection of outstanding qualities including effective communication, exceptional integrity, and a trusted voice of influence. Our success as an industry leader comes from more than our worldwide sales; it stems from our commitment to our customers. 

Engineering Innovation

We pride ourselves on the fact that we employ some of the world’s most experienced and knowledgeable HVAC engineers in the world. They have the training and wisdom needed to take the quality of our HVLS fans to the highest performance levels possible. And they’re always working hard on the next big innovation. 

Impeccable Service

At Big Ass Fans, we do more than sell HVLS industrial fans. We know our fans work best when installed properly and securely. We also understand the fact our fans can work for decades when serviced and maintained consistently. So we provide the extra level of service to ensure our customers get the results they need for a long, long time. 

Customer Satisfaction

The team at Big Ass Fans is genuinely committed to a positive experience for our customers. They come to us because they have a need—hot and uncomfortable employees who struggle to be productive in warehouses lacking proper airflow. We know our HVLS fans can bring sweet relief to their employees and produce tangible results like increased productivity and low energy bills. 

Big Ass Fans HVLS Fan Company

There are so many reasons Big Ass Fans is THE world leader in quality and innovation in the field of HVLS fans. And the only reason that truly matters is YOUR reason. Why do you need an HVLS fan? How can a Big Ass fan improve the working conditions in your warehouse? What can we do to ensure your employees are comfortable and productive? Those are the reasons we care about the most. 

You can find out for yourself just how much an HVLS fan can boost the quality of your warehouse atmosphere by contacting one of Big Ass Fans’ airflow experts. We’ll take the dimensions and specifications of your building and create a complimentary analysis using our proprietary SpecLab® software. You’ll see with your own eyes just how much an impact a Big Ass fan can have in your warehouse. 

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