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The Exploding Popularity of High-Volume, Low-Speed Fans

“Comfort” may not be the first word that comes to mind when thinking about your employees’ priorities. Hard work isn’t supposed to be comfortable, right? 

Yet when working conditions become too harsh—whether it’s heat, humidity, or cold—productivity drops. If the temperature in a warehouse gets too high or too low, employees’ focus and energy levels decrease, and their ability to keep pace with output expectations diminishes. 

The most popular solution to this problem in recent years has been the installation of high-volume, low-speed warehouse fans. Once you understand why HVLS fans are in high demand, you’ll become a “fan” of them, too. 

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Why Customers Prefer HVLS Fans

Keeping employees comfortable and productive ought to be a key goal for any warehouse manager. But that can be challenging in harsh environments. Some of the potential solutions offer some relief, but at various costs. 

The most obvious solution would be to install an HVAC system that can provide heat and air-conditioning. Getting the temperature just right is a sure-fire way to keep your workers active. Yet running A/C in a massive space like a warehouse is costly—VERY costly. Installation alone can set you back hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the monthly energy bills can reach into the tens of thousands. 

Other potential solutions aren’t very effective or practical. Small, individual fans can provide minor relief but tend to feel like putting a bandaid on a battle wound. They’re noisy, disruptive, and only cover a small area—which isn’t much help for workers who need to move around. 

HVLS warehouse fans, however, offer spectacular relief for a reasonable cost. Their extra-large size and powerful, yet quiet, motors deliver expansive airflow throughout a warehouse. The continuous breeze they provide helps employees feel comfortable, allowing them to stay productive and focused. 

Types of HVLS Fans at Big Ass Fans

HVLS fans come in a variety of sizes—all of them BIG—and a long list of features and options—all of them innovative. 

The best-selling high-volume, low-speed fan in the world is Big Ass Fans’ Powerfoil® X. This beast is a beauty, with sizes that range from 12 feet in diameter (3.7 meters) to a jaw-dropping 30 feet (9.1 meters). It’s big enough, tough enough, and powerful enough to bring comfort to even the harshest conditions. 

If your warehouse’s priority is an HVLS fan that’s unquestionably safe or impossibly quiet, consider the industrial-grade Powerfoil® D. Its futuristic Neodymium magnet motor doesn’t make a peep, and it comes with redundant safety features to ensure you never have to give it a second thought. 

For energy efficiency, the Powerfoil® 8 offers impressive performance in extreme environments while also helping to save the environment. Everything about it, from the automatic controls to the industrial-strength parts, is designed to use a minimal amount of energy.

Not to be outdone, the Basic 6® is Big Ass Fans’ more affordable HVLS option. When you don’t need any bells and whistles and just want the amazing effects a warehouse fan can bring, this is a solution that keeps more money in your account without compromising performance. 

How to Choose the Best Warehouse Fan

With so many great options available, you might wonder which HVLS fan will work best in your warehouse or industrial facility. It all comes down to your individual needs and priorities. 

The best way to get started is by contacting a Big Ass Fans airflow expert, who can guide you through the specific features for each model. They’ll help you decide which options your building needs to function optimally, such as integration with your existing HVAC, safety, or fire suppressions. 

Our experts can also perform a computational fluid dynamics analysis of your warehouse, using precise measurements and airflow simulations to show you how any particular fan will improve airflow in your building. Big Ass Fans’ SpecLab® software takes the guesswork out of making your warehouse as comfortable as possible. 


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