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Warehouse Ceiling Fans

If you’re in the market for a warehouse ceiling fan, you may have already heard about how amazing they are. They keep employees feeling comfortable—even in the hottest warehouses. And they do it very efficiently, using far less energy than air-conditioning.

Warehouse fans add value to the bottom line. They help keep your workers more satisfied and productive, which means more profit for your business. And they save energy, which can mean lower bills than A/C. 

Before you decide which fan is best for you, it’s helpful to know which types of fans are available, how to choose the best fan for your warehouse, and why selecting a Big Ass fan makes the most sense.


Types of Warehouse Ceiling Fans

Warehouse ceiling fans come in a variety of sizes with a long list of features and options. Depending on your company’s needs, each type of fan has its own unique strengths and advantages. Let’s take a quick look at the kinds of ceiling fans you might consider.

Maximum Performance

If you want the best results in the toughest conditions, you may want a fan like the Powerfoil® X4. It’s the world’s top-selling large warehouse ceiling fan, and for plenty of reasons. The Powerfoil X4 provides the greatest airflow with the finest industrial-grade craftsmanship available. With diameter sizes ranging from 12 to 30 feet (3.66 to 9.1 meters) and eight airfoils, it’s literally the highest quality warehouse ceiling fan you can buy. 

Silent Yet Powerful

When you need a fan that gets the work done without any noise, consider the benefits of the Powerfoil® D. Its direct-drive motor is both quiet and robust, and it's durable enough for indoor or outdoor use in any harsh environment. The six airfoils come with winglets for consistent, directed airflow, and it’s the only fan that comes with eight redundant safety features. It even comes with a 15-year mechanical warranty. 

Energy Efficient

While most warehouse ceiling fans are designed to be energy efficient, the Powerfoil® 8 is a rock star when it comes to using and saving electricity. Its brilliant engineering uses an oversized hub system machined to distribute the load evenly through its eight airfoils. The Powerfoil 8 saves energy all year long in both extreme hot and cold temperatures while providing industrial-strength comfort. 

Technologically Advanced

Many warehouses need their systems to be fully integrated, connecting the fans with HVAC, security, and fire suppression systems for maximum control over the work environment. A variety of fans come with technological features that provide greater efficiency, easier functionality, automatic programming, and BMS integration. 

Budget Friendly

For anyone who craves the benefits of a big warehouse ceiling fan yet needs to stick to a tight budget, you don’t have to settle for an off-brand version. Big Ass Fans’ Basic 6® offers powerful airflow for a more affordable price. It’s especially ideal for enhancing the performance of existing HVAC systems. With variable speed controls, a digital touchscreen controller, and industrial-grade motor and parts, the Basic 6 gives you comfort and savings. 

How to ChoosE the Best Warehouse Fans

Once you’ve decided which features and benefits are most important to you, it’s time to make a choice. While you may value some advantages over others, you don’t want to sacrifice performance. Keeping your employees safe, comfortable, and productive is almost always the number-one goal. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on options alone to determine which fan will work best in your warehouse. Big Ass Fans offers a quantifiable simulation of how any particular fan will perform in your building. Using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) through a program we call SpecLab®, our airflow experts can take all the data about your warehouse—dimensions and other factors—and create an accurate view of your building’s circulation. 

With that knowledge in hand, you’ll be able to confidently select the perfect warehouse ceiling fan, knowing it is providing the best airflow and maximum value possible. 

Why Big Ass Fans for Ceiling Fans

The team at Big Ass Fans has been pioneering and innovating the warehouse ceiling fan industry for more than 20 years. We’re the world’s top seller of these and other kinds of fans because of our commitment to always improving the performance of our products. 

To get things started, you may be interested in our complimentary SWAT program. It’s an opportunity for you to get an in-person site visit from one of our airflow experts. They’ll do a SpecLab® analysis of your building, provide an easy overview of our fans, and provide a recommendation for which fan and options will meet your needs. 

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