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What Are High-Volume Industrial Fans?

You’ve probably seen them in warehouses, gymnasiums, factories, or big box stores. High-volume industrial fans have become very popular in recent years, and not just because of their huge size. 

Also referred to as HVLS (high-volume, low-speed) ceiling fans, these jaw-dropping machines are best known for their efficient ability to move massive volumes of air through large rooms such as warehouses.

Why do companies buy high-volume industrial fans? Is there any real difference between the makers of these fans? How do I know if one of these fans is right for my company?


Why Companies Buy High-Volume Industrial Fans

The two primary reasons companies buy and install high-volume industrial fans are saving energy and providing comfort for their employees. 

The most common motivator for choosing to invest in an industrial ceiling fan is a hot and uncomfortable warehouse. When a workplace gets overheated and oppressively humid, it spells disaster for the employees working inside. Their body temperature increases, their brain activity slows down, and they lose energy. As a result, productivity drops; the hotter it is, the lower the productivity. And lower production rates mean unhappy employees, poor morale, high turnover, and reduced profits.

Maintaining a comfortable work environment isn’t a luxury. Federal law requires that businesses care for their employees while at work, and take reasonable steps to ensure their well-being while protecting them from harm. An extremely hot warehouse can cause physical and psychological harm to workers asked to spend hours every day in unhealthy conditions. 

Since air-conditioning can be prohibitively expensive to install and operate, high-volume industrial fans provide a more affordable, efficient, and effective solution. These ceiling fans are powerful enough to circulate a continuous, high volume of air throughout a warehouse, providing much-needed relief to the employees below. 

High-volume industrial fans come in a variety of models, sizes, and options to fit the specific needs of each building. From 8 to 30 feet (2.4 to 9.1 meters) in diameter, these fans are built for industrial-grade performance designed to last for decades. 

What Makes Big Ass Fans’ High-Volume Industrial Fans Different

Because high-volume industrial fans have become so popular, you can find a long list of manufacturers that sell them. As with any product, the quality, features, and options can vary widely. How do you know which brand is best for you? 

Big Ass Fans has become the world’s number-one seller of high-volume industrial fans for several significant reasons. 

Unbeatable Quality

Big Ass Fans uses only industrial-grade materials and parts. We never compromise when it comes to the quality of our products because we know how important they are to our customers. When you buy a Big Ass warehouse fan, you can be confident you’re getting the finest quality equipment in the world. 

Dependable Performance

The engineers and airflow experts at Big Ass Fans have decades of experience designing, building, testing, and improving the performance of our high-volume industrial fans. Every part matters, so we always take the time and effort to ensure our fans are as effective as they can possibly be.

Airflow Expertise

Manufacturing high-volume industrial fans involves far more than attaching a few blades to a motor. Our airflow experts understand the science behind the performance of our fans—in fact, we’re pioneers in the field. We have the knowledge and tools to prove their effectiveness and ensure they give you the results you need. 

Unique Options

Big Ass Fans offers one-of-a-kind features including extensive customization options, high-tech integration with other building systems, and computational fluid dynamics software that helps determine a fan’s most optimal airflow in any given facility. 

Get a Quote for High-Volume Industrial Fans

If you have a hot warehouse or industrial facility, you need a high-volume industrial fan! If you’re even mildly interested in buying one, the best place to start is with the team at Big Ass Fans. We’re happy to answer your questions, show you the options, and guide you through the learning and buying process.

We’ll also provide a computer analysis of how our fans will perform in your building using our SpecLab® software. It’s a complimentary service that makes it easy to see exactly what a high-volume industrial fan can do for you. 


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