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What Are the Best HVLS Ceiling Fans?

If you know anything about HVLS ceiling fans (also known as high-volume, low-speed ceiling fans, warehouse fans, and industrial fans), you know how much people love them—especially the people who work long days inside hot warehouses.

You’ve probably heard other people rave about them. And the more you know about HVLS fans, the more you’ll understand why Big Ass Fans makes the best high-volume, low-speed fans in the world. 


The Qualities of the Best HVLS Fans

HVLS fans do what no other solution can do in a hot, stuffy warehouse: circulate massive amounts of air continuously, efficiently, and effectively. With their extra-long, specially engineered airfoils and powerful yet energy-saving motors, HVLS fans provide instant, long-lasting relief to uncomfortable, sweating workers. 

Cost is always a primary concern for warehouse managers who care about providing an optimal environment in which their employees can be productive. Since the price tag for installing and operating an HVAC system in a warehouse can be out of reach for some companies, HVLS fans provide a more affordable solution. 

Keep in mind, however, that not all HVLS fans on the market are created equal. Your investment in a high-volume, low-speed fan should bring you decades of high-quality relief. As a result, you’re not merely buying blades and a motor; you should also be getting industrial-grade parts, world-class engineering, the highest-rated safety features, and the most energy-efficient performance available. 

Add to that the world’s most qualified team of HVLS experts who will come alongside you to provide lifelong support for your fan’s continued operation, and you have the best fan in the world. 

A List of the Best HVLS Fans

Our list of the world’s best HVLS fans includes only those offered by Big Ass Fans. Based on testing, measurable performance, and outstanding customer feedback, these warehouse fans are guaranteed to deliver the results you need. 

Powerfoil® X

The Powerfoil X is the world’s best-selling HVLS fan for all the right reasons. At Big Ass Fans, we manufacture this heavy-duty beast by hand and with the world’s most advanced features. It’s capable of delivering airflow throughout large spaces with ease in harsh, gritty conditions. The fan comes equipped with the largest hub you can find, which supports airfoil diameters that range in size from 12 feet to 30 feet (3.6 to 9.1 meters). With an unbeatable 15-year mechanical warranty, the Powerfoil X is the most powerful, quiet, and effective fan you can buy. 

Powerfoil® D

For companies needing high performance AND high tech, the Powerfoil D offers a quiet yet powerful output. This direct-drive fan comes with an IP66 rating, which means it can handle the roughest, hottest, stickiest conditions you can throw at it. This HVLS fan comes with six airfoils with engineered winglets that maximize airflow. Whether you use it indoors or out, it’s ideal for any environment. The Powerfoil D is one tough cookie! 

Powerfoil® 8

When you need strength and reliability in a harsh environment, the Powerfoil 8 may be your best option. It’s got industrial strength to its core, with a motor and gearbox that can’t be outdone by any other HVLS fan. You can customize the Powerfoil 8 with features like extended hybrid airfoils that are able to create airflow to wider or tighter spaces. And with its energy-efficient performance, you won’t find a better fan for keeping your energy bills low. 

Basic 6®

No matter what your budget may be, Big Ass Fans has a solution for you. That’s why the Basic 6 is so appealing to so many warehouse owners. It provides the relief you need to keep your team happy and productive, and it does so while being friendly to your pocketbook. Even without the upgraded features of Big Ass Fans’ other products, the Basic 6 remains one of the best HVLS fans anyone can invest in. 

How to Choose an HVLS Fan from Big Ass Fans

If you’ve decided that Big Ass Fans is the solution for you but aren’t sure which one will work best in your warehouse, don’t worry. Our team of airflow experts is ready to guide you through the ins and outs of HLVS fans. 

We take measurements and other details about your facility and run them through our SpecLab® program—computational fluid dynamics software that provides an accurate visual representation of how our fans will affect circulation in your building. 

Contact us today to discover just how beneficial an HVLS fan from Big Ass Fans can be for your warehouse. 



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