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Which Is the Best Industrial Fan? 

Buying an industrial fan is a significant purchase for many businesses. It represents an opportunity to take care of your employees and provide them with a comfortable work environment. It’s also an investment likely to come with a tangible payoff by way of increased productivity from your staff. 

That’s why it’s important to make the right choice when it comes to HVLS (high-volume, low-speed) fans. Buying the highest quality is worth it … but how do you know which is the best industrial fan? Let’s take a look at a few factors to find the answer. 



Which Factors Make an Industrial Fan the Best?

Energy Efficiency

One of the reasons industrial fans are so popular is because of their energy efficiency. Since installing and operating HVAC is extremely expensive, industrial fans are a much more affordable alternative. Most fans can be run 24 hours a day for less than 50 cents per day. (Energy prices vary around the country.)

The best industrial fans are highly energy efficient. They use less electricity, and they can also keep your utility bills low. There are several factors that determine a fan’s efficiency, including the motor, gearbox, airfoil shape and length, accurate and secure installation, and the fan’s ability to remain durable and reliable even after years of operation. 

Maximum Airflow

The point of an industrial fan is to produce consistent, reliable airflow throughout a large space like a warehouse. Not all fans are created equal; their airflow output can vary widely. 

The best industrial fans provide the greatest coverage in a large space. You can literally feel it when you stand beneath one … or even far away from one. And they keep providing consistent air circulation for hours, days, and years on end. 

The best industrial fan manufacturers only select the best when it comes to choosing the parts and materials that go into their fans. Parts and materials are rated based on their durability and ability to withstand specific amounts of use or pressure, as well as resist rust, erosion, or other external elements. 

For example, parts as simple as bolts are available in a variety of industrial grades which are determined by the bolt’s strength and ability to withstand tensile force. Big Ass Fans uses grade 8 bolts made from carbon alloy steel that’s strong enough to handle 120,000 psi of tensile force. 

Warranty and Service

When you invest in an industrial fan, you should expect it to last for decades. Like any other mechanical equipment, an industrial fan needs periodic service and maintenance to ensure its peak performance and longevity.

How long is the warranty? What kind of service does the manufacturer provide? Are there maintenance plans available? The best industrial fans provide the best warranties and service plans.

Customer satisfaction

Finally, the best industrial fans have very satisfied customers. You might call them fan fans. These clients are excited about the results they get from their fan investment, they feel a sense of pride in their fan, and they’re eager to tell others about it. 

As you search for the best industrial fan, what do their users tell you? Are they pleased … or are they thrilled?

Why Big Ass Fans Has the Best Industrial Fans

Big Ass Fans was an early pioneer in the industrial fan revolution. We’ve been engineering, making, innovating, and improving industrial fans for more than 20 years. That’s why we’re the world’s number-one maker of HVLS fans and . 


When it comes to the factors mentioned above, Big Ass Fans stands out from the crowd. We’ve designed our industrial fans to be extremely energy efficient, providing maximum airflow (and therefore maximum comfort), with unbeatable warranty coverage and long-term service. And our customers love us. When you become a Big Ass Fans fan, you become a lifelong Big Ass Fans enthusiast. 

How to Buy the Best Industrial Fans

Buying the best industrial fan means taking all the factors into consideration—especially the ones that matter most to you—and choosing the one that comes out on top. 

It’s similar to purchasing a vehicle. You may find a car that’s gorgeous to look at but gets poor gas mileage or has a history of engine trouble after a certain number of miles. 

The best industrial fan to buy—just like a car—provides all the features you need, the performance you expect, with quality that will last, all for a price that’s fair. 

In the world of automobiles, you can take a car for a test drive. When it comes to industrial ceiling fans, you can do the next best thing: Get a computerized, quantifiable analysis of how a fan will perform in your specific building. Only Big Ass Fans provides this extremely helpful feature, and we call it SpecLab®—computational fluid dynamics software that gives you an accurate visual representation of what one of our fans can achieve for you. 

You can contact us today for a SpecLab analysis of your warehouse at no charge. One of our airflow experts will visit your site for a one-on-one customized demonstration of the world’s best industrial fans.



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