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Why HVLS Industrial Ceiling Fans Are Ideal for Warehouses

If you’ve ever worked inside a hot warehouse, you’ve probably experienced a few specific reactions. Your body temperature increased. Your skin dripped with sweat. And, whether you realized it or not, your ability to concentrate and be productive very likely decreased. 

You might have asked the manager why they didn’t turn on the A/C. Then the manager would’ve laughed and said, “Do you know how expensive air-conditioning is?” 

After that, you might’ve shaken your head and taken a break outside, relieved by the gentle breeze flowing across your skin. 

If only you could bring that breeze inside the warehouse….


Why HVLS Industrial Ceiling Fans Are Perfect for Warehouses

HVLS (high-volume, low-speed) industrial ceiling fans are designed to do exactly that: provide a continuous, refreshing breeze inside a hot warehouse. 

For many companies, installing and operating air-conditioning is too cost prohibitive. And the need to provide a comfortable work environment is essential to your employees’ well-being and productivity. Keeping productivity levels up is critical for businesses to make a profit and keep their team energized and focused on their work. 

HVLS industrial ceiling fans are ideal for warehouses because they can provide excellent air circulation throughout the building—all for a fraction of the cost of HVAC systems. Since they’re energy efficient, HVLS fans offer a perfect solution for creating a comfortable warehouse that’s both environmentally and economically beneficial.

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What Happens in Warehouses Without HVLS Fans?

Without adequate air circulation or ventilation, the air inside a hot warehouse remains hot, stuffy, and even brutal. Even if you were able to open a door or window, there’s not enough pressure inside the building to cause air to flow. 

That’s bad news for employees who are stuck working long hours under those kinds of conditions. Studies have shown that the body makes adjustments when the temperature runs too high. Body temperature increases and blood flows away from the brain to aid in the body’s attempt to cool down. This lessens a person’s ability to concentrate and exert the energy required to complete a job. 

When warehouse conditions like this continue for any length of time, one result is certain: the company is going to lose money. With productivity levels dropping and employees miserable, it’s safe to say a hot warehouse is an unhappy warehouse.

How Much Does an HVLS Industrial Ceiling Fan Cost?

Many variables factor into determining how much an HVLS industrial ceiling fan will cost. For starters, the fan itself comes with a price—along with any optional features you choose to add. When you factor in installation and maintenance expenses, your total figure for an HVLS fan can range anywhere from $3,000 to $15,000. 

As far as operational costs go, every locality is different. With variables such as weather, hours of operation, energy costs, and more, the price can vary significantly from warehouse to warehouse. 

Keep in mind the total cost of installing and operating an HVLS industrial ceiling fan is far outweighed by the long-term increase in productivity and profitability of having a comfortable warehouse for your hard-working employees. Ask any of our customers if they feel like an HVLS fan was worth the investment, and they’ll answer with a resounding “yes.”

You can find out exactly how much an HVLS warehouse fan will cost you by contacting our team for a quote. We’ll take measurements of your building, combined with all other relevant variables, to find the perfect airflow solution for your warehouse. 




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