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Why It’s Important to Research Industrial Fan Brands

Have you ever tried to work in a hot warehouse? Not one that’s just a little toasty, but baking, sweltering, sweat-drenching HOT. If you have, you know how utterly miserable it is. Your body temperature rises, your brain has trouble focusing, and you feel like your energy took a vacation without you. Productive work feels next to impossible. 

Day after day, these kinds of conditions can wear a person out fast. It’s not healthy; working in that kind of environment can lead to physical, emotional, and mental pain and distress—not to mention possible serious or long-term effects. 

It’s not good for the company, either. With dropping productivity levels and employee dissatisfaction, businesses lose profits and can find it challenging to keep good workers. 

If your company is experiencing a hot warehouse, it’s in everyone’s best interest to research industrial fan brands and buy one as soon as humanly possible. But where do you start? 

Right here! We’ve got a quick overview of the differences between industrial fan brands and what to look for in the kind of equipment that will bring real, lasting relief to the employees in your warehouse.



Different Industrial Fan Brands

A brief overview of some of the many industrial fan manufacturers will probably give you an impression the fans are more or less all alike. The brands make similar claims of providing plentiful airflow, durability, and energy efficiency. A quick glance might make you think they’re interchangeable, but just like any other mechanical equipment, there’s much more to industrial fans than meets the eye. 

When you take a closer look at the various industrial fan brands, the smaller details start to show you what they’re really made of … and capable of. Among the differences between the makes and models include: 

  • Airfoil design. You might think a blade is a blade is a blade, but numerous factors affect an airfoil’s performance, including its length, width, angle, shape, profile, and tip or end cap all play a part in how well the fan can circulate air. 


  • Quality of parts and materials. How heavy duty is the fan? Is it made with industrial-grade materials? Are the seals IP rated? Have the parts been tested by a third party? Do the parts and materials stand up to extreme conditions like heat, humidity, and dust? 


  • Company support. Manufacturers’ warranties can differ significantly, so pay attention to how long—and how much—the maker will cover the hardware, motor, and other parts. Before you buy, be sure to understand the company’s maintenance or service plans, including how much assistance they provide throughout the buying, installation, and post-purchase periods. 


  • Installation. Even the best industrial fan in the world won’t perform well if it’s not installed properly. While you may be able to find a local, more “affordable” handyman to install a fan for you, they may not have the training or certification required to perform the work according to the manufacturer’s strict standards.

How to Choose the Best Brand for Your Industrial Fans

When you’re doing your research for the best industrial warehouse fan brand, be sure to include Big Ass Fans in your search. We were one of the very first manufacturers of HVLS (high-volume, low-speed) fans, and our team of engineers and designers have been fine-tuning the world’s best-selling industrial fans for more than 20 years.

Big Ass Fans is the industry’s leading maker and seller of large industrial fans, outselling every other brand on the planet combined. Our products and solutions are energy efficient and provide the maximum amount of airflow and comfort for even the hottest warehouses. Plus, we continue to develop, test, and perfect the performance of all our fan models year after year. 

We also provide services you can’t get from any other brand. Our team can help you choose the right fan for your industrial facility by using our one-of-a-kind SpecLab® software. Its computational fluid dynamics (CFD) visualization gives you a measurable simulation of air circulation in your building, so you can know exactly how each of our fan models will perform. 

Big Ass Fans also maintains a certified installer program. Our techs will come to your warehouse, take measurements, and make a professional, expert decision about the perfect location for installation. 

And when it comes to support, Big Ass Fans is on your team for life. Our warranties are among the longest and most comprehensive in the industry, and our affordable service plans ensure your industrial fan gives you maximum performance for decades. 

Contact Us for a Quote on Industrial Fans

Contact Big Ass Fans to see firsthand how we’re the best industrial fan brand in the market. Our friendly team will work with you to explore your options and help you choose your perfect airflow solution. 




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