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Why You Need a Large Industrial Fan

Imagine working inside a warehouse. You’ve got tons of work to do—boxes to pack, shipments to send—but it’s HOT. It’s more than uncomfortable; you’re sweating, breathing heavy, and feeling woozy. You find it hard to concentrate, and your body’s moving as slowly as your brain. 

What can you do? You have a small desk fan at your workstation, but it’s not helping. Ice water, frequent breaks, and opening a bay door aren’t providing much relief, either. 

There’s no way you can get all your work done under these conditions. What you really need is a large industrial fan. How do they work? Are they worth it? Do they really work? 


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How Large Industrial Fans Work

When the weather gets hot, anything with an interior space such as a car or a building traps heat inside. With no ventilation or cooler air to pass through it, the conditions remain stifling—even dangerous—for those inside. 

When this happens, the human body heats up, too. It increases the flow of blood to the skin to transfer some heat to the body’s surface, producing sweat. Our brain conserves energy by telling the muscles to slow down. Fatigue—physical and mental—sets in. Under extreme heat, the body even begins to shut down. 

Getting work done while your body is under this kind of duress is extremely difficult. 

Air-conditioning is the most common solution in homes and offices, but installing and running A/C in a warehouse is too costly for most businesses. Large industrial fans, however, provide a genius alternative. 

Large industrial fans produce enough pressure to circulate air throughout massive rooms like warehouses. Smaller ceiling fans—like the ones you’d find in your home—simply aren’t powerful enough to force airflow through huge spaces. 

But large industrial fans can. The airflow they create provides a constant breeze that flows across a person’s sweaty skin, causing the sweat to evaporate, giving the body a chance to cool down. It’s an effect known as “evaporative cooling”—the same basic principle used in air-conditioning systems. 

Types of Large Industrial Fans

Since warehouses vary in size, structure, ceiling height, interior configuration, and other factors, the type of industrial fan needed can vary, as well. Large industrial fans range in size from 8 to 30 feet in diameter (2.4 to 9.1 meters). They come with a variety of options, including motor type and size, airfoil shape, and technical features. 

The world’s most popular large industrial fan, the Powerfoil® X4 from Big Ass Fans, is a great example of what these types of warehouse fans are capable of. It’s big, powerful, durable, and designed to produce the maximum amount of airflow in even the hottest, harshest conditions. 

A similar fan, the Powerfoil® D, comes with a Neodymium magnet motor that’s both robust and silent. The Powerfoil D is extremely energy efficient, as well, and can be used indoors or outdoors. With proper maintenance, it’s designed to last for decades. 

If you’re in need of a large industrial fan with technical features like fire suppression, security, or HVAC integration, the Powerfoil® 8 might be your best candidate. It’s a hard-working beast that performs like a dream even in gritty, severe environmental conditions. 

For those looking for a more affordable yet effective option, Big Ass Fans’ Basic 6® provides massive air movement while keeping your energy bills as low as possible. It’s made with industrial-grade parts and materials and even comes with a variety of color options. 

How to Get a Quote for Large Industrial Fans

Finding out if a large industrial fan is right for you is easy. The airflow experts at Big Ass Fans are always on hand to answer your questions and guide you through your options. 

We can also provide a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis of your warehouse to determine the best fan for your needs. Our SpecLab® software gives you a quantifiable visual demonstration of how our fans will improve air circulation in your warehouse. You can see the dramatic difference with your own eyes. 

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