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Your Guide to Choosing an Industrial Large Fan

The comfort of your warehouse employees is essential to their ability to be productive and satisfied on the job. When warehouses get too hot, too cold, too dusty, or too humid, the conditions can be too severe for the average worker to focus and sustain enough physical energy to work consistently all day long, day after day. 

That’s why more and more companies are installing industrial large fans in their warehouses. They’re a highly effective and energy-efficient solution to stifling, overheated work areas—and far more affordable than installing and operating air-conditioning. 

Chances are your business will benefit significantly from an industrial large fan. Let’s take a closer look at how installing these fans in your warehouse can boost your team’s productivity … and your company’s bottom line. 



Types of Industrial Large Fans from Big Ass Fans

Big Ass Fans currently offers four main models of industrial large fans (also known as HVLS, or high-volume, low-speed fans):


Powerfoil® X4

The number-one selling HVLS fan in the world, the Powerfoil X4, is strong, tough, and safe. It’s built with 8 airfoils and comes in a range of sizes from 12 feet (3.6 meters) to a gigantic 30 feet (9.1 meters) in diameter. With a Stober NitroSeal™ gearbox that resists corrosion and minimizes heat buildup, this industrial large fan can be installed in a variety of warehouse structures including I-beams, bar joists, solid beams, and purlins.


Powerfoil® D

This overhead fan comes with a direct-drive motor that runs virtually silently, no matter how fast it’s running. It comes with an IP66 rating that makes it ready for indoor or outdoor use. The Powerfoil D is so tough it can handle the most extreme conditions your warehouse can conjure, keeping your team as comfortable and productive as possible. 


Powerfoil® 8

One of the most common reasons customers buy the Powerfoil 8 is its energy efficiency. Our engineers designed this fan to maximize every part for streamlined operation, including an oversized hub system that perfectly distributes the load to all eight airfoils. It can also be upgraded with angled airfoils to deliver airflow exactly where you need it most. 


Basic 6®

Comfort comes in a variety of sizes and prices, including the budget-friendly Basic 6. It’s designed to do precisely what an industrial large fan is supposed to do: provide generous airflow while keeping your energy bills low. With plenty of options available, the Basic 6 is considered an upgrade over any other competitor’s fans. And when combined with a Big Ass Fans evaporative cooler, this fan rivals any solution you can find.

How Big Ass Fans Helps Customers Choose Industrial Large Fans

The airflow experts at Big Ass Fans have streamlined the entire process for selecting the right industrial large warehouse fan. We start by assessing your needs with a few basic questions: 


  • What type of space needs better air circulation? 
  • What are the existing conditions in your warehouse space (temperature, humidity, dust, etc.)?
  • What are your budget expectations?
  • Are there any existing HVAC systems or evaporative coolers that need to be integrated with a new fan(s) installation? 


Next, we guide you through your options, such as technical features, integration with security or fire suppression systems, or control panels. There are lots of options and features to choose from, but we’ll provide all the insight and assistance you need to make a smart choice. 


Finally, we’ll take the guesswork out of your decision-making process by performing an accurate airflow analysis of your warehouse space. By using our SpecLab® computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software, we take the measurements of your building and create a visual representation of how a Big Ass fan will perform for you. This ingenious program lets you see for yourself a view of the new air circulation in your facility. 

Contact Us for Help Buying Large Industrial Fans

We work hard to make the experience of selecting, buying, and installing an industrial large fan as simple and enjoyable as possible. Contact one of our airflow experts today to see for yourself how a Big Ass fan can keep your team comfortable and productive.




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